KASHISH 2015 – Films in Competition: Documentary Short

The best documentary short award category includes Indian and International documentary films which are under 50 minutes, completed after January 1, 2014 and having their Indian Premier at KASHISH 2015. It carries a trophy, a gift hamper, voucher worth USD350 for stock video footage sponsored by Pond5 and a free 2 day HD shooting kit (camera, mike and one light) sponsored by Accord Equips.

Director: Ashish Sawhny / 2014 / 8 min / India
Forbidden Love is a tender documentation of a love story set within the LGBT community. It was made as a response to the recently upheld Section 377 that brought dismay to a community that was hoping India would move with the times.

2) GAY HEALERS, THE   (Die Schwulenheiler)
Director: Oda Lambrecht, Christian Deker  / 2014 / 30 min / Germany
In a self-experiment, the reporter Christian Deker visited registered doctors that move in devout circles. These doctors claim to do treatments that should change one’s orientation from queer to normal. Such treatments are not only ineffective but may even have a negative impact on the patient´s health, warn the World Medical Association and German Medical Association.

3) HORA (הורה)
Director: Yoav Brill / 2014 / 9 min / Israel
Two people are walking down the street holding each other’s hands. Using interviews conducted by the director with natives of his hometown Tel Aviv, this short film investigates an intimate yet very public gesture.

Director: Vanna Hem / 2015 / 30 min / Cambodia
LGBT community in Cambodia are facing a lot of discrimination and they do not have the same rights as other people, because of ignorance in society and in their communities. Pao and Srey Leak were kicked out by their families and ended up becoming involved in prostitution. They missed out on an education and have no job opportunities like other people.

Director: Luigi Storto / 2014 / 15 min / India, Italy
Naleena is an Indian Hijra living in Chennai. Traditionally considered sacred beings because they are daughters and priestesses of Kali, nowadays the Hijras live like outcasts, even at a level lower than the caste of Pariah; and to survive, majority of them is forced into begging and sex work.

6) Novena
Director: Anna Rodgers / 2014 / 17 min / Ireland
During the annual Novena of St. Joseph’s Redemptorist church in Dundalk, Fr. Michael Cusack, reached out to two members of the LGBT community and invited them to address the congregation about their experiences of being queer in Ireland and feeling excluded by Catholic doctrine.

7) SECOND ROOM, THE (Otagh E Dovvom)
Director: Sarvnaz Alambeigi / 2015 / 13 min / Iran
An Iranian transsexual’s challenge to prove her new identity to her unsympathetic society.

Director: Christina Hurtado-Pierson / 2014 / 27 min / USA
An exploration on transgender service members in the American and British militaries. This documentary examines the experience of the Americans, who are forced to serve in silence due to antiquated medical policy, and the British, who are allowed to serve openly and fully supported through their transitions.