KASHISH 2015 – Films in Competition: Documentary Feature

The best documentary feature award category includes Indian and International documentaries completed after January 1, 2014 and having their Indian Premiere at KASHISH 2015. It carries a trophy, cash award of Rs.20,000 sponsored by Pond5 and a gift hamper.

1) CARLA’S JOURNEY (El Viaje De Carla)
Director: Fernando Olmeda  / 2014 / 65 min / Spain 
Thirty-two years after leaving her hometown to get a life according to her gender identity, and free of existing social prejudices of her society, Carla Antonelli returns to reconnect with her memories and take stock of her life. Carla’s Journey explores this journey of Carla, one of the most prominent activists for equality in Spain, national and international benchmark of LGBT and transgender community, actress, TV anchor and, since 2011, Congresswoman of the Parliament of Madrid.

Director: David Thorpe / 2014 / 77 min / USA
Journalist David Thorpe embarks on a hilarious and touching journey, confronting his anxiety about ‘sounding gay’ along with comprehensively exploring the linguistic, cultural and historical origins of the gay voice stereotype. Enlisting acting coaches, linguists, friends, family, total strangers, and celebrities, he quickly learns that many people ‘both gay and straight’ often wish for a different voice.

3) OPEN WINDOWS (Las Ventanas Abiertas)
Director: Michèle Massé / 2014 / 62 min / Spain, France 
In Madrid and in Paris, Boti, Empar, Micheline and Jocelyne, four women in their seventies, tell their fears, desires and their differences. They are still active, or activists, and will not give in to the passage of time; they refuse to be pushed aside because of their age. They live their everyday lives to the fullest, taking advantage of all opportunities. They show us their world, their experience, and their problems, and talk about their relationship with age.

Director: Ian W Thomson / 2014 / 69 min / Australia 
After 20 years of silence, former state champion surfer David Wakefield feels ready to reveal a secret that could turn his life upside down. He is gay. At the same time, on the other side of the world, Thomas Castets is setting up the world’s first online community for gay surfers. The two meet and for the first time David connects with someone who understands the burden he has carried for so long. Both travel from the east coast of Australia to Hawaii, California, Mexico and the Galapagos Islands to bring understanding on this taboo topic.

5) TWO MEN AND A CRADLE (Deux hommes et un couffin)
Director: Florence Helleux, Smaïn Belhadj / 2014 / 55 min / France
An extraordinary story of Christophe and Bruno – a couple in Paris who with the help of a surrogate, wants to create a family. The only surrogate available to them is several miles away from them in USA. The film captures the entire adventure of surrogacy, during more than a year,from the meeting with the surrogate to the birth; and more than a year of comings and goings between Paris and Portland.