DAY 2 | Thu, July 23, 2020 | 5th Show | 7.00 PM

Directors: Dylan Tonk, Lazlo Tonk
74 min / 2019 / the Netherlands / Documentary Feature

Drag sensation Lady Galore is about to undergo her biggest transformation yet. Fighting for visibility and solidarity, she has become vital to the European drag community. For Sander den Baas, the man behind Lady Galore, this devotion is starting to take its toll. Although his size is what makes Lady Galore stand out and brought her fame, Sander is struggling with more and more health problems. Gastric bypass surgery will help him regain a healthy weight. But what will remain of Lady Galore?

Festivals & Honors
World Premiere/ Winner, Audience Award Best Documentary - Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam, Netherlands 2019
Pink Apple Zürich, 2019
Ljubljana LGBT Film Festival, 2019
Merlinka Festival, Belgrade, 2019

Twin brothers LAZLO TONK and DYLAN TONK both graduated as Master of Arts in film studies at Utrecht University. Upon graduation they produced the award-winning documentary Jan Mesdag Sings Brel and the short dance film Explore, which was selected for several European film festivals. Based in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands, their film company Dyzlo Film tells the unique stories of ordinary people, with subjects ranging from healthcare and education to art, music, and video games. Their directorial debut film Uitgesproken (Caged) had its Asian Premiere at 5th KASHISH in 2014 and also became part of the KASHISH Forward screenings at schools and colleges.   

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SISSY: THE MOVIE (Pisnicht: The Movie)          
Director: Nicolaas Veul
46 min / 2019 / the Netherlands / Dutch/ Documentary Short

What is it like to grow up as a gay guy in a heterosexual world? And if you know that, how do you view gay jokes?  In this acclaimed personal story Nicolaas Veul, the award-winning Dutch TV and documentary director investigates the impact of such words on young gays and how tolerant Dutch people are with regards to homosexuality.  Filmed in football locker rooms, schools where #nohomo is the latest trend on social media, and with random people on the streets, the film is largely about the thin line that lies between humour and homophobia.

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