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QDrishti Film Grant

Launched in KASHISH 2016, it is an artist grant to support an independent filmmakers based in India to make their next LGBTQ‐themed film. Filmmakers of Indian narrative or documentary short films completed after January 1, 2017 and have an aesthetic vision are eligible for nomination. The winner will be chosen by jury panel who will consider not only merit of the film, but also the vision of the filmmaker. Sponsored by Lotus Visual it carries Rs.1,00,000 grant and mentorship by KASHISH Advisory Board members.

Friday May 25 / 12.30pm / Liberty Carnival Cinemas / in package: Students Shorts Competition 1
IDENTICAL DREAMS (Original Title: Humshakal Khwaab)
20 min / 2017 / India / Hindi, English
Dir: Cynthia Roli Gupta

identical draems

A conversation between two women, this film is a simple story of love. Love of the purest kind. That one can’t help but feel for someone, not based on physicality or infatuation, but a deep connect two people find in each other.

Friday May 25 / 2.30pm / Liberty Carnival Cinemas / in package: Together with My Child
THE SEARCH (Original Title: Thedal)
19 min / 2017 / India / Tamil
Dir: Monachan R

The Search_001

A documentary about the journey of two women, one in search of self-rediscovery and one driven by unparalleled love; but voiceless in patriarchal society. Both Sudha and her mother experience the ugly prejudices against transgender people and their family.

Saturday May 26 / 10.45am / Liberty Carnival Cinemas / in package: Queering India 1
DUALITY (Original Title: Dvita)
15 min / 2017 / India / Hindi
Dir: Vishal Vasant Ahire


Rajjo, a member of the Hijra community works as a chef to earn the living. During few random encounters, Rajjo develops a crush on a girl but realizes neither his community nor the world outside approve of his existence.

Sunday May 27 / 12.45pm / Liberty Carnival Cinemas / in package: Indian Masala Mix 1
33 min / 2018 / India / English, Hindi
Dir: Preet


Nandini is married to Rohit, a closeted gay man. Zoel, Rohit’s partner, is an artist and aware of Nandini’s suffocation. When Rohit plans to have a kid through IVF, so that Nandini will get busy in her life and it may release him of his guilt too, opposite to Rohit’s expectations; Zoel feels disgusted and discards Rohit’s intention of managing his life between him and Nandini.

Sunday May 27 / 2.45pm / Liberty Carnival Cinemas / in package: Indian Masala Mix 2
20 min / 2018 / India / English, Marathi
Dir: Vikrant Dhote


After a young boy commits suicide, an NGO decides to investigate the matter by interviewing the people connected to his death. These are excerpts from their archives.

Sunday May 27 / 2.45pm / Liberty Carnival Cinemas / in package: Indian Masala Mix 2
32 min / 2017 / India / Hindi
Dir: Siddharth Chauhan


A young boy learns about a technique of trapping birds from his old grandmother and starts practicing it.

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