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Alliance Française de Bombay
May 28
1.15 PM

Short Film Package
The twain shall never meet but what if they do! A collection of eight short films depicting the interesting outcomes of such encounters.

Director: Olga Guse
2013 | 4 min | No Dialogues | Germany
Animation Short
Indian Premiere

The Legend of Narcissus is a parable about tolerance, and against homophobia. Narcissus meets Echo in a magic forest but falls in love with his own reflection in a magic pool.

Director: Eva Pérez Barreto
2013 | 12 min | Spanish with EST | Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Narrative Short
Asian Premiere

Death has its own mission to take John away, but instead she finds Hope. When her identity is revealed to Hope, everything changes and the confrontation starts. Two opponents tested and examined, until one recognizes the other.

Director: Lauren Wolkstein
2013 | 15 min | French with EST | France
Narrative Short
Indian Premiere

Chloe, a French young teenager, receives an unexpected visit during her birthday party. Somehow in the whole gathering it is only that stranger with whom she can connect best.

Director: Remo Kaufmann
2014 | 20 min | German with EST | Germany
Narrative Short

Tim accompanies his girlfriend Ann to a birthday party, only to realize that he knew the host Julien years ago. Trying to conceal old secrets, things are on the verge of getting out of hand as the evening progresses. And then there’s also Marie.

Director: Jill Salvino
2014 | 3 min | English | USA
Narrative Short
Indian Premiere

In a Central Park chance encounter, two friends meet up after many years and catch up… or do they?

Director: Claes Lilja
2011 | 13 min | English | USA

Narrative Short
World Premiere

When Andy encounters his former colleague Ben in a local bar, his all-perfect world starts crumbling as hidden secrets are revealed. A contemporary, queer take on August Strindberg’s classic play, The Stronger.

Director: Mannuel Van Der Helst

2014 | 12 min | English with EST | Belgium
Narrative Short
International Premiere

William turns 40 but his partner is not there to celebrate with him. Disappointed, he finds a strange offer and decides to treat himself to a very special birthday gift.

Directors: Sophy Holland, Alicya Eyo
2013 | 24 min | English | UK
Narrative Short
Asian Premiere

After coming out and leaving his girlfriend, Adam dreams of finding acceptance within London’s gay scene. His burgeoning freedom is soon challenged when he meets Rocky, a handsome stranger who is harboring a secret that he desperately wants to share with Adam.

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