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Alliance Française de Bombay
May 28
10.00 AM

Short Film Package
Five short films from different countries and cultures portraying the love, care and acceptance in family.

Director: Lucas Helth Postma
2014 | 16 min | Danish with EST | Denmark
Narrative Short

Emilie always behaves and feels like a boy. This doesn’t fit her mother’s image of a perfect family. At an Easter lunch where the family’s friends are invited, Emilie takes a serious decision. Can she get her mother’s acceptance as a boy?

Director: Gina Wenzel
2014 | 10 min | German with EST | Germany
Narrative Short

It is Gina’s mother’s birthday. While her mother frantically prepares to welcome guests for dinner, Gina prepares for her own coming out. But nothing goes as planned!

BARELY IN LOVE (Lee’hov Bekoshi)
Director: Nadav Mishali
2014 | 16 min | Hebrew with EST | Israel
Narrative Short
Indian Premiere
Director in Attendance

When a new troupe leader joins the ‘Bnai Akiva’ movement, Yotam’s world trembles. He is forced to cope with his orientation and the difficulties he faces with family and religion. He is torn between his love of religion that forbids his true identity, and his mother who tries to ‘cure’ him.

Dir: Jiu Tao
2015 | 7 min | Chinese with EST | China
Narrative Short
Indian Premiere

For LGBT people who are not out to their families, going home for Chinese New Year is more of a torture, as year-after-year their family and relatives questions them about their marriage.

Director: Marta Díaz
2013 | 16 min | Spanish with EST | Spain
Narrative Short

It is Grandma’s birthday. Rosa, the hostess, believes to have it all under control, but will she be able to deal with her sisters, with the absurd obsession of her husband with traditional Spanish music, and the surprises her own family holds?

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