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Alliance Française de Bombay
May 28
6.15 PM

Director: Colette Bothof
2014 | 89 min | Dutch with EST | The Netherlands
Narrative Feature

Set over the course of one sweltering summer, this charming drama focuses on Anne as she yearns to escape the confines of her small town, where everyday life is dominated by the humming power plant. She and her friends spend their days biking through the winding roads that lead nowhere and everywhere. Anne, feeling bored, starts looking out for some adventure. With the arrival of the alluring leather-clad Lena, Anne finally gets the boost she needs.


Preceded by

Director: Piper Kessler
2014 | 9 min | English | USA

Narrative Short
Asian Premiere

Making art and making a point can be equally aggravating. Politics can put people at opposite ends of the spectrum, but love can make them move to the middle.

Director: Jelena Lela Milošević
2013 | 23 min | Serbian with EST | Montenegro
Narrative Short
Asian Premiere

The peaceful life of Čupka & Nježni, a young childless couple is disturbed after Čupka’s childhood friend returns to the village. He starts pestering her to leave Nježni and marry him, even taunts at them for being childless. To settle this, Nježni hatches a plan which ultimately brings the gift of joy and guilt to the couple.

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