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May 29
2.30 PM

Director: Jonnie Leahy
2014 | 72 min | English | Australia |  Narrative Feature
Asian Premiere
In Competition

 Leah is uptight, conservative, and sheltered. Caitlin is a complicated soul who loves music, books, poetry and booze. After meeting by chance on the street, the two young women spend the day together.  Leah reveals that she has been diagnosed with terminal melanoma and given two months left to live; a fact she refuses to accept. Shocked and furious that Leah has no “bucket list” Caitlin, hurting desperately after recently losing her girlfriend, insists on a drunken adventure around Sydney. As the night progresses, secrets are revealed and the two young women start to come to terms with the lies they have been telling themselves.

Preceded by

SAINT (Santa)

Director: Carlos Vilaro Nadal
2014 | 20 min | Spanish with EST | Argentina | Narrative Short
Asian Premiere
In Competition

After being caught kissing her best friend, Lourdes must choose between the love of Agostina and the love of God that also involves the love of her mother.



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