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Alliance Française de Bombay
May 30
5.00 PM

Short Film Package
A package of six short films by six women filmmakers where the characters challenge gender roles, celebrate womanhood and most importantly have fun and live life to the fullest.

THE LAST ROUND (Le dernier round)
Director: Marie-Hélène Panisset
2014 | 7 min | No Dialogues | Canada

Narrative Short
International Premiere

Eros and Thanatos have been engaged in a ruthless battle since the beginning of time. The film uses dance to illustrate an inner struggle between opposing forces that lie within us.

Director: Erin Babbin
2014 | 6 min | No Dialogues | USA
Narrative Short
Asian Premiere

A contemporary tale of romance and lust – a short, lighthearted narrative in which a flirtatious encounter forces a woman to choose between her current beau and a sly temptress.


Directors: Jackie Nunns, Angie West
2014 | 12 min | English | UK
Documentary Short
Asian Premiere

The Female Masculinity Appreciation Society is a sort of gentlemen’s club for queer women and those who love them. Follow Cookie and Foxy Ven in their quest to reach the arm-wrestling finals, discover the reason behind Rubyyy’s ginger moustache, and judge for yourself the standards in Dapper wear.

BACHELORETTE (Junggesellin)
Director: Anna Linke
2012 | 15 min | German with EST | Germany
Narrative Short
Asian Premiere

Stefanie, the last bachelorette among her friends has not yet managed to live in an environment in which she can truly be herself. At a friend’s bachelor’s party, in the neighbouring city, she finally meets someone far more fascinating than anyone around.

Directors: Lindy Boustedt, Kris Boustedt
2014 | 9 min | English | USA
Narrative Short
Indian Premiere

A film about marriage equality, everlasting love, creating the perfect moment and finding the grandiose in the everyday.

Director: Sonali Gulati
2015 | 12 min | English | USA
Narrative Short
Asian Premiere

As “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” dominates the pop charts, Maya writes in her diary everything that rocks her teenage world, from the assassination of Indira Gandhi and her parents’ divorce, to the latest pimple that made its appearance. But suddenly nothing else seems to matter when a new girl arrives at school.

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