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Alliance Française de Bombay
May 29
6.15 PM

Director: Steve Balderson
2014 | 90 min | English | USA
Narrative Feature
Asian Premiere

Ed is an uptight tax accountant in the middle of tax season. After a series of blackouts, he learns that he has split personality disorder – and that his alternate personality thinks she’s a woman. As Ed learns more about Helena, his
alternate personality, he also begins to develop feelings for her girlfriend. This spawns a rather unusual love triangle. It’s a film about life and love, and sexuality and gender, and identity and the power of acceptance.

Preceded by

Troubled Voices
Short Film Package

Three films from three such countries where the citizens are strongly opposing and being discriminatory towards the
LGBT community. Trans*people also suffer societal intolerance in those lands.

Director: Guram Matskhonashvili
2013 | 6 min | Georgian with EST | Georgia
Documentary Short
International Premiere

Inspired by Pedro Almodovar’s film, High Heels where the main character says it costs a lot to be authentic; a young Georgian Trans* talks about her life – past, present and future.

THE SECOND ROOM (Otagh E Dovvom)
Director: Sarvnaz Alambeigi
2015 | 13 min | Farsi with EST | Iran
Narrative Short
World Premiere

In Competition

An Iranian transsexual’s challenge to prove her new identity to her unsympathetic society.

Director: Elsy Hajjar
2013 | 9 min | Arabic (Lebanese Dialect) with EST | Lebanon
Narrative Short
Indian Premiere

An encounter… a phone call… rain and lightning. A love lost in the darkness of a city, Beirut.

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