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May 28
10.45 AM

Director: Dipankar Dutta
2014 | 70 min | Bengali with EST | India | Documentary Feature

Chena Kintu Ajana documents the stories of 15 female impersonators who once graced Jatra stage – the popular folk theatre form of Bengal. It focuses on the last generation of female impersonators in jatra and also outlines the history of female impersonation through Mahaprabhu Chaitanya (15th century) and Gopal Ure (19th century). It attempts to showcase the lives and times of the Ranis, understand the different styles of performance, explore their after-stage life, and also debate their gender identity in terms of whether they could be called Ardhanarishwaras.

Preceded by

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Director: Aquila Khan, Tejasvi Momaya
2014 | 17.15 min | Marathi with EST | India | Documentary Short
World Premiere

Anil Hankare (47) chooses to dress up as a woman to perform Lavani in a group called Bin BaykanchaTamasha, which has male performers dressed as women. His unorthodox career choice means that he has to battle between his passion to dance as a woman and protect his teenage children who face ridicule from their friends.

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