HOW MANY KINDS OF SEXUAL! ( Kaaye Kaaye Sexual! )

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Alliance Française de Bombay
May 29
3.15 PM

Directors: Gitanjali S, Mukta Patil, Rajashree Gandhi, Ridhima Sharma, Rohini Talewar
2013 | 29 min | Hindi, Marathi with EST | India
Documentary Short

Made by the media students of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, the film brings forth the voices of Meet, Shruti and Rodya who identify themselves as bisexual, queer and asexual respectively. As the three protagonists share with us a slice of their lives, they raise some complex questions about the meaning of their sexual identities, their relationship with the LGBTQI movement in the city of Mumbai, the role that the city has played in their ‘sexual awakening’, the politics of sexuality and more.


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