May 28
10.30 PM

Country Focus Australia Showcase

Director: Ana Kokkinos
1998 | 104 min | English |Australia | Narrative Feature
Indian Premiere

Based on Christos Tsiolkas’ acclaimed debut novel ‘Loaded’, Ana Kokkinos’ Head On is a drama about a young man coming to terms with his identity and rebelling against the constraints of family tradition in a roller coaster ride of emotion and turmoil. Spread over an intense and eventful day in the life of Ari, a young, self-conscious, confused gay man of Greek descent living in inner city of Melbourne, the film follows him and his friends from a family party to a Greek nightclub. With all his his energy and defiance, pain and joy is jammed into one high-velocity night of dancing, sex and drugs, Ari is running head on into his own kind of freedom.

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