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Alliance Française de Bombay
May 29
1.15 PM

Short Film Package
A fabulous collection of seven emotionally moving, moody, spunky and funny short films about female longing, bonding and belonging.

Director: Jackel Chow

2013 | 11 min | English with EST | Italy
Narrative Short
Indian Premiere

Sara, the dancer, has an accident while rehearsing and becomes paralyzed. When her pianist friend Teresa takes care of her every day, they develop an intimacy far beyond friendship.

Director: Patricia C. Ovando
2014 | 15 min | English, Spanish with EST | El Salvador, USA
Narrative Short

Josephine is a first generation Salvadorean American teenager. Her mother Margarita is working hard for Josephine’s upcoming birthday. She wants to give her a grand party, but Josephine has decided on something else.

Director: Drew Van Steenbergen
2014 | 25 min | English | USA
Narrative Short
Asian Premiere
In Competition

Andie, a gay teenager in Georgia, is too afraid to confide in anyone close to her. She seeks the help of a therapist to
come out to her family and friends in this hilarious and touching coming-of-age tale.

Director: Bishen Sen
2014 | 11 min | English | USA
Narrative Short
International Premiere

While on a romantic camping trip to celebrate her last day in town, Aprille confronts her conflicted, married lover Desirae about the future of their relationship.
The film features actor Crystal Arnette who won the first KASHISH Best Actor award in 2013.

Director: Mikel J. Wisler
2013 | 19 min | English | USA
Narrative Short
Asian Premiere

Tired of her life of solitude, Jocelyn applies for a futuristic program at Heri-Tech Corp. But the interview proves to be
far more difficult than she ever anticipated. In the process, Emma, who works for Heri-Tech, learns of Jocelyn’s painful past of being rejected by her family when she came out.

Director: Nisha Ganatra
2014 | 16 min | English | USA
Narrative Short
Asian Premiere
In Competition

Living in a futuristic society Frankie, Libby and Sheridan of the ‘Girls Who Code’ are a premiere coterie of students with brains, beauty and binary bravado. With so much riding on their shoulders to win a coding contest, these girls reveal they are not all work and no play.

Director: Lisa Donato
2014 | 17 min | English | USA

Narrative Short
International Premiere

A neurotic journalist searches for 48 sleepless hours, through digital clues, trying to decipher a mysterious message
left by her fiancé right before she suddenly disappeared.

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