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Max Mueller Bhavan
May 30, 2015

4.00 PM

Two very significant documentaries from Australia bringing a piece of history – SOME RAINBOWS NEVER GREY  is about the stories of heartbreaks and self-discovery of a group of Australian gay men in 1960s; and IT’S WHO WE ARE is about the stories of excitement and camaraderie of the first Jewish Lesbian Group in Victoria.

Preceded by

THE GAY HEALERS (Die Schwulenheiler)
Directors: Oda Lambrecht, Christian Deker
2014 | 30 min | German with EST | Germany | Documentary Short
Asian Premiere
In Competition  

In a self-experiment, the reporter Christian Deker visited registered doctors that move in devout circles. These doctors claim to do treatments that can change one’s orientation from queer to normal.

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