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Max Mueller Bhavan
May 30, 2015
10. 15 AM   

Director: Fernando Olmeda
2014 | 65 min | Spanish with EST | Spain | Documentary Feature | Asian Premiere | In Competition

Thirty-two years after leaving her hometown to live a life according to her gender identity, and free of existing social prejudices of her society, Carla Antonelli returns to reconnect with her memories and take stock of her life. Carla’s Journey explores this journey of Carla, one of the most prominent activists for equality in Spain, national and international benchmark of LGBT and transgender community, actress, TV anchor and, since 2011, Congresswoman of the Parliament of Madrid.

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Director: Will Yurman
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Trying to get re-elected in a rural conservative district, he knew his 2014 re-election bid would be different this time, after his coming out as gay.

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