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May 30
2.30 PM

Director: Mischa Kamp
2014 | 78 min | Dutch with EST | The Netherlands | Narrative Feature
Indian Premiere
In Competition

During the summer holidays, Sieger is training in the new athletics team for the National Relay Championships when he meets the intriguing and unpredictable Marc. The friendship that develops seems nothing out of the ordinary, but Sieger secretly harbours stronger feelings for Marc. As Marc reciprocates his feelings and the day of the championship moves closer, Sieger engages in a lonely struggle with himself.

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Director: Leandro Tadashi
2014 | 14 min | English with EST | USA  | Narrative Short
Asian Premiere                           

New Year’s Eve 1999 finds college-bound Clark and Trevor concerned about the future of their friendship, and a request for Clark to be Trevor’s wingman ensures things will never be the same again.

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