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Alliance Française de Bombay
May 28
3.15 PM

Short Film Package
An amazing package of documentary and narrative short films, bringing forth the voices and stories of LGBT communities from some of our neigbouring countries.

Producer: Equal Ground
2014 | 29 min | English, Sinhala with EST | Sri Lanka
Documentary Short

The Invisible Stain unravels the realities of the state of homophobia and transphobia both in rural and urban Sri Lanka. The visibly-invisible LGBTIQ community is perceived as outcasts, degenerates and deviants. The filmmakers go to Anuradhapura and Colombo to talk with LGBTIQ persons and with pioneers in the movement who wish to make a change in Sri Lankan society.

Director: Khin Thethtar Latt
2014 | 11 min | Burmese with EST | Myanmar
Documentary Short
Indian Premiere

Phyo Thit Luu lives an out and proud life as a gay man and LGBT rights activist in Yangon. Through his work he hopes to create a more accepting environment for future generations of LGBT people in Myanmar.

Director: Vanna Hem
2014 | 13 min | Cambodian with EST | Cambodia
Documentary Short
Indian Premiere

Transgender people in Cambodia are still facing discrimination, leading them to live in dead-lock situations. Lives Under The Red Light is a portrait of a ladyboy who lives in Phnom Penh. His story will uncover, in unflinching detail, the hardships of living life on the edges of society in a developing country.

PURPLE (Baijani)
Director: Saroj Shrestha
2014 | 5 min | Nepali with EST | Nepal
Narrative Short
World Premiere

A woodland. A piece of floating cloud trying to embrace the shining sun in the sky. Just a single moment between two best friends.

Director: Chamil Jayaneththi

2013 | 23 min | Sinhala with EST | Sri Lanka
Narrative Short
Indian Premiere

In 1964, in the remote town of Peradeniya, the police arrested Nimali and Gayani as the law didn’t approve of their relationship. The court gave ten years imprisonment to Nimali and released Gayani with a warning. But unable to live separately, both ended their lives.

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