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May 28
4.15 PM

Centerpiece Documentary Feature

Director: Malachi Leopold
2014 | 88 min | English, Farsi with EST | USA, Turkey | Documentary Feature       

Set against Istanbul’s beauty and collision of East-meets-West, it’s an emotional story of human bonding and friendship. In 1967, while serving with the Peace Corps in Iran, Alex met Ali. The two fell in love but kept their relationship secret for 10 years. When the Revolution erupted in the late 70’s, Alex was forced to leave Iran – and Ali. But they kept in touch through letters, phone calls, and emails. Losing all hope to meet again, both continued with their own lives, till Alex’s nephew – a documentary filmmaker and human rights advocate, helps his 68 years old uncle to reunite with his old friend after 35 years. When the two meet in Istanbul, their best-laid plans are turned upside down, revealing emotionally painful twists and turns that transform both of their lives forever.

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STICKS & STONES               

Director: Stephen Mooney
2014 | 5 min | English, Ireland  | Musical Short
International Premiere

Having come out as gay to his parents, young Chris Lynch reveals as much on a social network. Far from being supportive, his supposed friends begin to harass Chris, driving him to the depths of despair.

TOWARDS A PINK SPRING (Hacia Una Primavera Rosa)

Director: Mario de la Torre
2014 | 18 min | French with EST | Spain, Tunisia | Documentary Short

Members of the Arab LGBT community have to live clandestinely. They feel frustrated after the Arab Spring, and await the moment of a Pink Spring.


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