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May 29
6. 20 PM

Director: Sridhar Rangayan
2015 | 82 min | English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada with EST | India | Documentary Feature
World Premiere

Crisscrossing across India, featuring in-depth interviews with advocates, activists and candid testimonies of gay and transgender persons, the film traces the history of challenge to the colonial anti-sodomy law. Shot over seven years, from 2007 to 2014, this gritty indie documentary lays bare the Indian LGBT landscape from an insider’s perspective. What starts off as a personal journey to unearth victimization of LGBT persons, spirals out to be a journey of an emerging community that is rising out of the shadows.

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I WALK WITH PRIDE!  – Testimonials from Pride Marches 

What does Pride mean in different countries across the world? Has the definition of pride and the way pride marches are organized changed over the decades in countries where there are no laws or social taboos that stigmatize LGBTQ persons? And what does pride march and pride events mean in countries where an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity can lead them to face discrimination, violence and imprisonment. Filmmakers and activists from different countries and cities offer short perspectives which are both political and personal.


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