DAY 8 | Wed, July 29 (July 30), 2020 | 7th Show | 12.30 AM

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Director: John Eames
75 min / 2019 / UK, Georgia / English / In Competition

March for Dignity follows a small group of LGBTI+ activists in Tbilisi, Georgia as they attempt to conduct the first Pride march in the country, They face overwhelming opposition from far-right groups, the government, and the Georgian Orthodox Church, which has led to a history of attacks on the LGBTI+ community, often inciting rallies of thousands of violent counter protestors.

With membership of the European Union, and anti-Russian sentiment firmly on the political agenda, Georgians are at a turning point in history where they must choose to fight for progress and human rights, or concede to greater Russian influence. In the midst of this geopolitical turmoil, the committed organisers of Tbilisi Pride bravely strive to be visible in their evolving country.

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World Premiere: KASHISH 2020 Virtual

John Eames is a documentary filmmaker based in London. March for Dignity is his feature debut as a director.

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STONEWALL 50: Where Next For LGBT+ Lives
Directors: Nicola Milne, Shanshan Chen
33 min / 2019 / Documentary Short / UK / Spanish, Chinese, English

50 years after the Stonewall Riots in the US, which were a turning point for LGBTQ+ lives – Jovi and Mindy is a lesbian couple in Taiwan, who have spearheaded the right to marry, in order to legally adopt their child together. Eduardo, a transgender man living in one of the most dangerous cities ( San Pedro Sula) in one of the most dangerous countries in the world ( Honduras) shares his frightening past, his fears today, and his hopes for a better life, that have come through love. In Tanzania, Amani (not his real name) is filmed in silhouette as he lives in hiding and shares his story of facing 30 years imprisonment if found to be gay. Joe, an ex sailor, suing to get his medals back from the Armed Forces, after being dismissed many years ago for being bi-sexual.

Filmed in 4 continents, with five people, this film looks at some of the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ people around the world today. 

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