Spotlight On Charlie David

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Canadian actor and filmmaker Charlie David's works will be screened at the festival

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Judas Kiss


Charlie David is a Canadian actor, writer, director and producer, best known for the male lead in the LGBT horror series Dante’s Cove. He has also worked as a TV host on a number of shows like F.Y.E!, SpyTV, Bump! and Crash Test Mommy. He is co-owner, alongside Derek James and Linda Carter of Border2Border Entertainment, a production house of film and television projects.

KASHISH 2014 turns the spotlight on Charlie David exploring his talents as a writer, actor, producer and filmmaker. KASHISH will screen Mulligans (2008), Judas Kiss (2011) and his directorial debut documentary, Positive Youth (2012).

Charlie has consciously chosen to be “out” as a gay man in his personal life and career. He feels that “it’s a unique gift and perspective on the world” and one of his personal mantras is to “create visibility for LGBT people in the media”. Although happy to play both gay and straight roles, the exploration of gay themes are continuously reflected in his projects, be it his novels, documentaries or movies.

Charlie was honored by Out Magazine as one of the “Out 100” for Remarkable Contributions to Gay Culture in 2005. In 2007 the Philadelphia Film Society awarded him with their Rising Star Award. In 2008 the Festival del Sol in Gran Canaria awarded their Best Male Actor Award to Charlie and the male cast of A Four Letter Word.

He wrote the novel and screenplay and starred in the film Mulligans, which had its premiere at the InsideOut LGBT Film Festival in Toronto in May 2007. Mulligans explores the theme of what happens to individuals and their families when a young man and his friend’s father “come out”. Charlie also starred in the independent film Judas Kiss. He played the role of Zachary Wells, a washed-up filmmaker who gets the chance to change his troubled past so he can avoid a disturbing future.

In 2012/13, Charlie produced two documentaries, I’m A Stripper, which he also wrote and directed and Positive Youth about young people living with HIV. In addition to Mulligans, Charlie has published the novel Boy Midflight and Shadowlands, a compendium of short stories. He resides in Montréal, Canada with his boyfriend Patrick and a rotating door of foster dogs when he’s not living out of a suitcase.

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