Films in Competiton: Documentary Shorts

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The best documentary short award category includes Indian and International films made after January 1, 2013 which are of 40 minutes or lesser, and having an Indian Premiere at KASHISH. It carries a plaque, a gift hamper and a free two day HD shooting kit (camera, mike and one light) sponsored by Accord Equips.Five documentary shorts will compete in this category!

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Brothers (China) Director: Yao Yao
Friday, May 23, 10.45am, Liberty Cinema

Brothers (兄弟)
24 min / 2013 / China / Director: Yao Yao

China's first documentary to focus on the female-to-male transgender community - a community which endures hardships that are unfathomable to the majority of Chinese society. It documents the life of Tony, who forms part of a group of female-to-male transgendered people who call each other brothers. The film shows Tony's road to self-acknowledgement, his troubles at work, his decision to undergo sex reassignment surgery and all the difficulties he encounters on his path.
Friday, May 23, 10.45am, Liberty Cinema

Families Are Forever
21 min / 2013 / USA / Director: Vivian Kleiman

Tom and Wendy were devout Mormon parents living in a conservative community who attended church every Sunday and knocked on doors to promote support for California’s Proposition 8 to prevent same-sex marriage. Until the realization about their eldest son Jordan’s orientation changes their lives forever. Their story will surprise you, give you hope and move you with the possibility of change.
Friday, May 23, 11.30am, Alliance Française

25.27 min / 2013 / India / Director: Sharon Flynn

Through the personal stories of two male-to-female persons this documentary attempts to understand the physical, mental and emotional turmoil that an individual suffering from Gender Identity Disorder goes through. It provides a ray of hope for those who are going through this turmoil and are considering a change in their identity.
Saturday, May 24, 10.45am, Liberty Cinema

Little Boxes
16.41 min / 2013 / India / Director: Ninad Adawadkar

How universal is the experience of coming out really? A diary entry of an inexperienced, almost adult person told through the stories of other people who are there or have been there. Each of us tries to make sense of the world in our own ways, though we all know that in the end we know next to nothing.
Sunday, May 25, 10.45am, Liberty Cinema | Short Film Package: Indian Masala Mix

Will This Change?
27 min / 2014 / Bangladesh / Director: Anurupa Prakash, Lok Prakash

“Why our families don’t accept us for what we are?” Discrimination towards Hijras/gays pushes them out of school and their own homes. People make fun of Hijras/gays and society denies Hijras basic life related choices like housing and job. People from Bangladesh share their pain, joy and life in this film; with a question left for all of us to think about ‘Will this change?”
Saturday, May 24, 10.45am, Liberty Cinema

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