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The highest award at KASHISH is given to the best narrative feature film. This category includes Indian and International films made after January 1, 2013 and having their Indian Premiere at KASHISH. It carries a plaque, a gift hamper and a cash award of Rs.30,000 sponsored by Anupam Kher's Actor Prepares. Five Narrative Features from three countries will compete in this category!

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The Falls: Testament of Love (USA) directed by Jon Garcia
Thursday, May 22, 2014,  2.30 pm at Liberty Cinema

The Falls: Testament of Love
120 min / 2014 / USA / Director: Jon Garcia

RJ Smith and Chris Merrill, two Mormon missionaries fell in love during their mission in a small town in Oregon. They haven’t spoken in five years, but when an unexpected tragedy compels them back to the Oregon town where they served, they find themselves, once again, thrust into one another’s lives. As old feelings begin to surface they find themselves facing difficult choices. If they pursue their desire to be together, RJ and Chris risk hurting the ones they care about as they embark on a spiritual journey to discover love, freedom, and happiness.
Thursday, May 22, 2.30pm, Liberty Cinema

Naked Rose (Il Rosa Nudo)                 
70 min / 2013 / ITALY / Director: Giovanni Coda

The film is inspired by the life of the French 'Pink Triangle' deportee Pierre Seel and by his autobiography 'Moi, Pierre Seel, déporté homosexual'. Among the millions of victims of the Nazi madness during the Second World War, Pierre Seel at the very young age of seventeen was charged with homosexuality and imprisoned in the Schirmeck concentration camp. He survived this terrifying experience of torture and humiliation, and after the war he married, had three children, and tried to live a normal life. In 1982, however, he came to terms with his past and his true nature and decided to publicly reveal what he and thousands of other homosexuals branded with the Pink Triangle had undergone during the Nazi regime.
Saturday, May 24, 10am, Alliance Française

76 min / 2014 / CANADA / Director: Eric Henry

Seek is about a mistake many of us make every day when we allow our hopeful view of the future to cloud our vision of the real beauty in front of us right now. Evan Brisby is a shy, budding young writer with a small magazine in Toronto who dreams of making more of his career. Still in despair over an ended relationship, Evan looks forward to a new job writing an article about Toronto’s queer nightlife for a very large newspaper. Hoping not only for a shot at the big time, but a chance to explore the nightlife and maybe find love again, Evan’s journey becomes as much about himself as the scene he is covering. 
Thursday, May 22, 6.15pm, Alliance Française

89 Min / 2013 / 89 min / USA / Directors: Chris Mason Johnson

A poignant, powerful story of friendship and hope in a time of crisis, set in the San Francisco modern dance scene of 1985 in the early years of the AIDS epidemic: when headlines threatened a gay quarantine and when nobody knew for certain how the disease spread. Frankie is the newest member of San Francisco’s most exciting new contemporary dance company, McManus Ballet. Frankie, though stands on the sidelines, mirroring the movement; is determined to fit in with the more seasoned members of his modern dance company. But there’s something bigger on his mind: the new HIV test, which many fear might be used to quarantine gay people. As Frankie contemplates taking the test, one of the male dancers is injured. Frankie must perform in his place. It’s the classic test of skill and character.
Friday, May 23, 4.45pm, Liberty Cinema

Tru Love
88 Min / 2013 / CANADA / Directors: Kate Johnston & Shauna MacDonald

Alice has recently lost her husband and, still coming to terms, has on the spur of the moment decided to visit her daughter Suzanne in the big city. When Suzanne, whose relationship with her mother is already conflicted, is too busy to spend time with her, she enlists friend Tru to babysit Alice while she works.  Commitment-phobic Tru forms an unlikely but deeply touching bond with Alice, helping her to pick herself up and move on with her life and the possibility of a relationship between the two sparks into life. Suzanne, who has a secret past with Tru, becomes increasingly alarmed at the growing bond between Tru and Alice and tries to sabotage the budding romance. But it backfires, as Tru Love is hard to contain!
Friday, May 23, 6.30pm, Liberty Cinema

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