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Films in Competition: Documentary Feature

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The best documentary feature award category includes Indian and International films made after January 1, 2013 and having their Indian Premiere at KASHISH. It carries a plaque and a gift hamper. The four documentary feature films in this category tackles themes like homophobia, acceptance and `golden gays'

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Before You Know It (USA) Director: P J Raval  
Friday, May 23, 2.30pm, Liberty Cinema

Before You Know It
112 Min / 2013 / USA / Director: PJ Raval      
This observational documentary gives us a close look at three senior-aged gay men in different corners of the United States, all facing new challenges - some personal, some specific to age, and some about their orientation. All three stories are framed within some statistics that underscore the specific struggle of being GLBT and elderly in America. An affirmation of life and human resilience told with a refreshing humor and candor, the film underlines that one is never too old to reshape society.
Friday, May 23, 2.30pm, Liberty Cinema

Born This Way
82 min / 2013 / USA, CAMEROON / Directors: Shaun Kadlec, Deb Tullmann

A brave documentary that tells the climate of homophobia and intolerance that gays and lesbians living in Cameroon.  It follows Cedric and Gertrude, two young Cameroonians, as they move between a secret, supportive queer community and an outside culture that, though intensely homophobic, is in transition toward greater acceptance. This film describes both the impossible and the possible. The filmmakers’ unobtrusive proximity to their protagonists has yielded conversations in which their interlocutors discuss their longing for a love life they are forbidden to have. Also followed is Alice Knom, a human rights defense lawyer who’s often the only person is willing to defend LGBT people in Cameroon. Her story revolves around defending two women being pursued by the state on the basis of their homosexuality.
Friday, May 23, 1.30pm, Alliance Française

80 Min / 2013 / USA / Director: Linda Bloodworth-Thomason

The emotional journey of Shane and Tom, two young men in a loving, committed relationship that was cut tragically short by a fatal accident. The story of the aftermath - how people without legal protections of marriage can find themselves completely shut out and ostracized - is poignant, enraging and opens a window onto the issue of marriage equality and human rights. Barred from visiting the hospital, and his presence in Tom’s life erased by the family that once welcomed him, on the anniversary of Tom’s death, after a year of documenting his own grief; Shane posted a heartbreaking video that became a Youtube sensation and set him on a journey to action. Bridegroom piercingly conveys the imperative of human and civil rights, and makes a plea to open hearts and minds that Tom and Shane’s love is no different than any others. It is a love story, unequaled.
Saturday, May 24, 2.30pm, Liberty Cinema

Valentine Road     
89 min / 2013 / USA / Director: Marta Cunningham

In February 2008, a classroom shooting shattered the coastal, working-class town of Oxnard, California. The eighth-grader Brandon McInerney shot his classmate Larry King at point blank range. Unraveling this tragedy from the point of impact, the film reveals the heartbreaking circumstances that led to the shocking crime as well as its startling aftermath. Was this a hate crime, one perpetrated by a budding neo-Nazi whose masculinity was threatened by an effeminate queer kid who may have had a crush on him? Or was there even more to it? Looking beyond all the copious news coverage of this tragic event, Valentine Road tells the story of two victims: the deceased and the murderer. The film raises key questions facing schools and communities all over the country: what do you do to help kids like Brandon and Larry before violence occurs – and what do you do after you’ve failed?
Thursday, May 22, 12.30pm, Liberty Cinema

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