Queer India Tour

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 The best of Indian queer short films on a five-city Europe tour .A package of Indian queer short films from KASHISH film festival travelled to five European cities in November-December 2012.

The tour that travelled to Brighton, London, Dublin, Warsaw and Stockholm, included a screening at the iconic Old Cinema in London UK . Films from KASHISH like Amen, Kusum (The Flower Bud), Logging Out, Raat Baaki (Night is Young) were screened, alongwith Rangayan’s own film Gulabi Aaina (The Pink Mirror) and a trailer of Breaking Free, his documentary under production.

What did filmmakers and KASHISH organizers have to say about the tour?

 "It’s normally difficult to screen short films on gender and sexuality to a large audience in India but with Kashish film festival, filmmakers like us have a new ray of hope. And now with our film 'Amen' being a part of the Queer India European Tour, we are ecstatic! Its both overwhelming and encouraging to the entire team as now our stories are ready to be shared with the world."
- Ranadeep Bhattacharya & Judhajit Bagchi, directors of film 'Amen', winner of KASHISH 2011 Best Indian Narrative Short


“Thanks to Sridhar and KASHISH for making Indian films with LGBT themes visible to a larger global audiences. I'm thrilled about the fact that my film Raat Baaki (The Night Is Young) would be screened at a theater where Lumiere brothers screened their films. It’s high time we tell the stories of our struggle to the world”
– Pradipta Ray, director of film ‘The Night is Young (Raat Baaki)’, winner of KASHISH 2012 Riyad Wadia Award for Best Emerging Filmmaker  


“What else would you want when your first film that too with zero budget is doing rounds of other countries? I am so happy and excited to reach European audiences. I am looking forward for their response to Queer Indian films”
- Nakshatra, director of film 'Logging Out', winner of KASHISH 2012 Coffee Break Online Audience Award


 "Thrilled that Indian queer films are being celebrated and finding their spot in the sun!"
- Miriam Chandy, director of film 'In The Closet', screened at KASHISH 2010


"India is at the cross roads in its LGBT movement and some of these films here, reflect very much the struggle of coming to terms with one's sexuality, gender role in the context of an Indian identity. I am happy that Kashish can give a platform to encourage this talent within India and showcase it to other parts of the world. We also hope that this improves participation and involvement of world cinema in Kashish-Mumbai International Queer Film Festival"
- Pallav Patankar, co-Festival Director, KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival 2011


 "Seeing Indian Queer Short films getting their long due central place on a global platform and reaching to audiences across continents is truly an encouraging event. As the Festival Programmer for KASHISH, it really gives me a boost and also to the Indian short filmmakers' community to perform better and achieve more!"
- Saagar Gupta, Festival Programmer, KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival.