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12 must-watch narrative shorts at KASHISH 2013


  KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival has always showcased the best of queer short films from around the world. This year, India’s        biggest LGBT film festival brings together the finest short films -  some are quirky, funny and camp; some tell stories of coming out, some confront  homophobia; some take on the complexities of desire, and some are about love, friendship and togetherness that survive war and genocide.


 Saagar Gupta, Festival Programmer,lists his choice of 12 narrative short films that you should not miss!

 ``Apart from the films which are playing in the competition category, these films are also highly commendable because of the complexity of human      nature and relationships they deal with which is bound toleave an impact on the viewers,’’ says Gupta.


Director: Mitsuyo Miyazaki

2011 | 25 min | English | Japan, USA  |Indian Premiere


In post-war Japan, Tsuyako lives a demanding life as a mill factory worker, an obedient wife, and a loving mother.  A surprise visit by an old friend Yoshie reignites a passion in Tsuyako. After witnessing how Tsuyako’s family mistreats her, Yoshie begs her to come to Tokyo with her, to live the life that they had always dreamt of together. Tsuyako must choose between duty and love, her family and her freedom.



Director: StéphaneRiethauser

2012 | 23 min | English | Switzerland

Prora is on the Baltic Sea, a mysterious, endless place that is a deserted former Nazi vacation center and communist military complex. Jan, a rather timid German, spends his summer holidays with his French friend Matthieu, a self-proclaimed macho womanizer. What starts as an innocent game soon develops into an ambiguous confrontation that puts their friendship at risk. A journey of self-exploration, an odyssey of male adolescence, Prora is a thrilling, tender story about love and friendship.



Time Out

Director: RikhilBahadur

2011 | 13 min | English, Hindi with EST | India, UK  

Curious about his new found attraction towards girls, Gaurav idolizes his elder brother Kunal, the captain of the school basketball team. He is shocked to discover that Kunal is gay and is in relationship with one of his teammates. Gaurav has to figure out if a person's orientation really changes their value and what they really mean to you.


Continental Drift

Director: Anna Helme

2011 | 15 min | English, Serbian, Croatian with EST | Australia |Asian Premiere


A delicate moody drama set in Croatia in 1999, not long after Yugoslavia was torn apart by war during the 1990s. Adele, a young Australian woman travels to an abandoned building by the sea where she meets Antonija, whose life reverberates with echoes of war. The two women discover the uncanny intimacy that can develop between strangers and the bittersweet poignancy of ephemeral romance.


The Men's Room

Director: Jane Pickett  

2012 | 15 min | English | USA | Indian Premiere


When Thomas ventures into a park for cruising, he uncovers a striking complexity composed of desire, fear and betrayal. The Men's Room explores a world of secrecy and code lurking just below the surface of normalcy.



Black Mask (MáscaraNegra)

Director: Rene Brasil

2011 | 15 min | Portuguese with EST | Brazil | Asian Premiere

Gregório has a platonic crush for a masked woman, whom he encountered at a masquerade carnival ball. He meets her again this year just before the annual fundraising soccer game where he and his friends participate dressed as women. Is she the one he has been longing for?



Night Shift (Turno De Noche)

Director: Giovanni Maccelli

2011 | 16 min | Spanish with EST | Spain | Asian Premiere


An empty shopping mall and a basement full of mannequins, Night Shift follows a window dresser and a security guy as they form a friendship with some deadly consequences.


Passing Through ( Pasajero)

Director: Miguel Gabaldon

2009 | 13 min | Spanish with EST | Spain, USA | Asian Premiere

Before embarking on his dance tour across Europe, Arturo opts to meet up with his ex. Chatting over coffee, it is apparent that a spark of romance still simmers. But with Manuel having another person in his life and Arturo just passing through the city by night, is this set to be their last tango together?

Cofee & Pie

Coffee & Pie

Director: Douglas Horn

2011 | 15 min | English | USA | Asian Premiere

Coffee & Pie chronicles the characteristic “break it off” or “get out now” period of a relationship. June and October are breaking up; manipulative June feels her moral superiority justifies the breakup till self-confused October learns from seasoned waitress, that revenge is a dish best served with pie. Opposites no longer attract in this driven comedy!

One Shot

One Shot

Director: Dietrich Brüggemann

2011 | 11 min | German with EST | Germany | Indian Premiere

A film-within-a-film-within-a-film, where a motley group of people from different ethnicities starts out to do a social spot for tolerance and against racism, but end up entangled in all sorts of clichés, counter-clichés and idiosyncrasies of political correctness. 

ThePiece of Furniture

The Piece Of Furniture( ElMueble De Las Fotos)          

Director: Giovanni Maccelli

2009 | 2 min | Spanish with EST | Spain

After many unsuccessful attempts to get his and his gay partner’s photo included in the collection of family portraits, a young man finally has a break-through!

Director: Marc Saltarelli

2011| 22 min | English | USA | Asian Premiere

On the morning of his annual gay pride party, Stephen is forced to take in his homophobic father who had disowned him over 20 years ago. The father, now suffering from Alzheimer's, gets a crash course in all things gay from Stephen's eclectic mix of friends. Seeds of their turbulent relationship come to light as does hope that the two can move past their fears, accept and forgive one another.