Allied Events

Panel Discussion

From Idea to Screen: Challenges of making a documentary film in India
From propagandist films to films shaped by political ideologies to the more recent trend of exploring multifaceted identities and issues, the Indian documentary tradition has come a long way. Though it still exists under the shadow of its big brother Bollywood, Indian documentary films are slowly emerging into their own. Starting with “I have an idea” to distributing the film, how do filmmakers make a documentary film. Where to find the money? Is a trailer crucial? How to pitch your film for International markets. Five industry professionals come together to share their life experiences in the making of a documentary film.

May 23, 2013 | 5.30 pm | Foyer, Opposite Screen 1, Cinemax Versova


Book Reading

Creating Spaces
Reading from the works of noted novelist, historian and playwright Sarah Schulman, who is the author of 17 books and co-founder of the ACT UP Oral History Project and MIX: NY LGBT Experimental Film and Video Festival. The reading will be followed with a conversation that will focus on queer writing and publishing; and what it takes to be an out lesbian activist for so many years. It will also draw out thoughts about visibility and representation of LBT persons in writings, films and media.

 May 24, 2013 | 3.00 pm | Foyer, Opposite Screen 1, Cinemax Versova


 Face to Face

KASHISH Konversations
An erudite and in-depth conversation between an eminent critic and an established filmmaker whose film has either broken new ground in queer cinema or has been extremely popular with audiences across the world. This year the conversation with KASHISH 2013 Filmmaker in Focus Jim Hubbard, reputed filmmaker and activist from New York, centers around the works of the filmmaker, his inspiration, acclaim, outreach of his films.

May 24, 2013 | 5.30 pm | Foyer, Opposite Screen 1, Cinemax Versova

Panel Discussion

Trans: Reel and the Real!
The transgender community, despite its high visibility, remains at the margins of the society and often even the queer coalition. Popular cinema has tried to fit them into clichés - either as predators or with hearts of gold. However, the real issues facing the community gets ignored, which a new breed of independent film makers have now tried to portray. How realistic are these films? Do they help in integrating the community with the mainstream or further marginalize them? Do actors do justice to such roles? Filmmakers, actors and trans-persons have a dialogue in a revealing panel

May 25, 2013 | 3.00 pm | Foyer, Opposite Screen 1, Cinemax Versova


Panel Discussion 

Out and Proud at Work! 
 Over the last few years, a growing number of companies in India have formed 
LGBT resource groups in their organizations to reach out to gay and lesbian 
employees as part of their diversity. A 2011 study revealed that such groups 
help companies not only to attract talent but also retain employees. Do such 
groups help LGBT employees, even as Indian society is still slowly waking up 
to the reality of out queer persons. What are the strategies that companies 
adopt to reach out to lesbian and gay employees? Is there a business case 
for LGBT employee groups?
May 25, 2013 | 5.30 pm | Foyer, Opposite Screen 1, Cinemax Versova


 Panel Discussion

We Are Family: Love and Acceptance the Bollywood Way!
Rab jo bhi karta hai, acche ke liye karta hai na (Whatever God does, he does it for the best) - This dialogue between Priyanka Chopra and Kirron Kher about parental acceptance of LGBT children, became a pivotal scene in the movie Dostana. Over the last few years, other Bollywood films have taken tentative steps in portraying parents, siblings, friends’ acceptance of LGBT persons. With Bollywood having such a huge impact on the Indian society, do such positive portrayals help in mainstreaming of LGBT issues, especially how parents deal with their children coming out? Are films finally willing to shed stereotypes, and take on issues concerning queer persons, their family relationships and society’s acceptance? What do the parents of LGBT children have to say about it?

May 26, 2013 | 3.00 pm | Foyer, Opposite Screen 1, Cinemax Versova


 Open House

Dialogues with Emerging Filmmakers
Since its debut in 2010, KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film fest has provided a platform to budding filmmakers who make films on queer themes with great resource crunch and against all odds. The festival provides a spring board to them to showcase their films on an international scale. For many filmmakers it is the only avenue to showcase their works to a larger mainstream audience. At the moderated Open House, a panel of young, emerging filmmakers, will speak about their joy, anxiety, passion and glory of taking that first step into filmdom.

 May 26, 2013 | 5.30 pm | Foyer, Opposite Screen 1, Cinemax Versova