Films in Competition for Best Documentary Short

The best documentary short award category includes Indian and International films made in 2012/2013 which are 40 minutes or less and having their Indian Premiere at KASHISH. The films in this category are Beyond Binary from India, London London - My Olympic Diary With Yogurinha Borova from Spain/UK, The Lala Road from Australia and Two Girls Against The Rain from Cambodia.


Two Girls Against The Rain 2



Director: Sao Sopheak 
11 min / 2012 / Documentary Short / Cambodia                     


A true story about Soth Yun and Sem Eang, both now in their late 50s, loved each other since the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime. The deep bond existing between them and their strength have helped them overcome all different kinds of resistances. A beautiful portrait of true love that conquers all barriers in a Cambodia small town, where talks of gay rights is just making its voice heard.








Beyond Binary


Director: Ananya Kasaravalli 
30 min / 2012 / Documentary Short / India                              

A poignant documentation about Shankari’s search for femininity, love, dignity and identity; and what she thinks are the elements that make her more of a woman. If Gender is a process and there are different aspects to it – the biological or the physical, emotional, societal, sexual - then what are the different nuances she is constantly searching for the validation of her gender as a trans person. The strength and courage shown by Shankari against all odds makes a telling statement


London London

 LONDON LONDON - MY OLYMPIC DIARY WITH YOGURINHA BOROVA (London London - Mis Diarios Olímpicos Con Yogurinha Borova)

Director: Alejandro Negueruela        
35 min / 2013 / Documentary Short / Spain, UK                       

When preparing for the London 2012 Olympic Games, an international mobile brand launched a video blogger contest. One of the winning teams had a surprise among its members: Yogurinha Borova, a colorful transvestite! This documentary is a funky humourous journey with Yogurinha Borova and her blogger colleague at the London 2012 Olympic Games. This documentary that follows the adventures of the transvestite video blogger seeks to focus on the importance of visibility and normalization.


Lala Road


Director: Letitia Lamb        
10 min / 2012 / Documentary Short / Australia                    

Chinese women face intense pressure to marry before they are too old. Not to marry and not to bear children is to disrespect family. Stakes are especially high for Cain, Zhang Linlin, Baozi and Ruyi. They are ‘Lalas’ or women who love women. The intimate film is a peek into the quite invisible world of Chinese lesbian women.