Films in Competition for Best Narrative Feature

The highest award at KASHISH is given to the best narrative feature, which includes Indian and International films made in 2012/2013 and have their Indian Premiere at KASHISH. This year there are four films - Angels from Slovakia and three films from the USA: A Perfect Ending, Morgan and R/Evolve.

A Perfect Ending


Director: Nicole Conn / USA      
110 min / 2012 / Narrative Feature / USA   

Rebecca, a repressed and uptight socialite, who despite living a seemingly 'perfect' life as a wife and mother, is not totally happy. She is badly missing something in her life. An orgasm! After letting her lesbian pals in on her problem, Rebecca initially laughs at their suggestion that she should seek the services of a female escort. With reluctance Rebecca eventually agrees - after all, what has she got to lose? And so begins her delightful journey of self discovery with the beautiful and sensual escort, Paris.

 This opposites-attract, edge-of-your-seat lesbian romance is a glossy, sexy and fun romantic drama guaranteed to earn a fresh array of fans for veteran writer-director Nicole Conn (Elena Undone, screened at KASHISH 2011). 



ANGELS (Original Title: Anjeli)

Director: Robert Sveda    
95 min / 2012 / Narrative Feature / Slovakia       

An intimate story about the need for love unfolds when people’s paths cross accidentally, leading to irrevocable turning points in life, and waiting for a sign. Michal has been recently diagnosed with liver cancer. Instead of chemotherapy, he leaves for a holiday cottage with his life partner Rafo, where he intends to write his book of memories. But Rafo struggles to cope with Michal’s resignation and waiting for death. Perhaps he would leave Michal, if it weren't for a third mysterious person entering their lives! Beautifully shot and bolstered by sensitive performances, Angels makes your heart ache for that elusive perfect love.


Morgan 2 


Director: Michael Akers 
89 min / 2011 / Narrative Feature / USA                           

 A wipeout during a bike race broke Morgan Oliver's back and paralyzed him from the waist down. He is frustrated that his new life in a wheelchair has put limits on his fiercely competitive nature and his aspirations as a biker. However a chance encounter with the handsome Dean Kagen makes Morgan more determined that being in a wheelchair will not change him. Dean supports Morgan when he decides to enter as a wheelchair competitor in the same bike race using a customized bike. But when Morgan risks his life to win, Dean has to decide between walking out or staying back. A film that puts faith in the truth: where there is a will, there is a way.




Director: Billie Rain          
90 min / 2013 / Narrative Feature / USA                

 Lucas and Lincoln just got engaged. Once gay marriage is legal, Lucas will have it all. However, Lincoln isn’t totally happy. Enter Raccoon, a radical queer hitchhiker whom Lincoln gives a ride. Raccoon brings a breath of fresh air and thrusts Lincoln into a world of art and activism. New concepts of freedom and stability are revealed to him, awakening the artist inside him. Lincoln hastily threatens the life he’s built, and the struggle for marriage equality, leaving everyone asking, “What is the face of equality and what is the price?”