Films in Competition for Best International Narrative Short

International narrative short films made in 2011/2012 and having their Indian Premiere at KASHISH compete for this award. There are 15 films competing in this category. 



8 min / 2012 / Narrative Short / Israel / Dir: Nimrod Rinot
Tal and Yossi are dating each other exclusively for two months now. A sudden situation to deal with a HIV test interferes with their plans for an intimate afternoon. Medical helpline sends Nurse Nona to their aid and she illuminates the situation in her own special way.


(Original Title: La Santa)

14.3 min / 2012 / Narrative Short / Chile / Dir: Mauricio Lopez Fernandez
María looks like any other girl but she is an intersex person. Her father wants her to impersonate the divine form at the annual procession of the local chapel since he genuinely believes that divine intervention is the only way she can ‘get fixed’.


(Original Title: El Nido Vacío)

24 min / 2012 / Narrative Short / Venezuela / Dir: Francisco Lupini Basagoiti
Monste, a well-meaning therapist, embarks on a mission to help her son Andres’ troubled relationship with his girlfriend. Armed by the tell-tale-signs she is sure that her son’s love life is jeopardized because of his huge family jewels; she must help her son in finding a solution.


13 min / 2012 / Narrative Short / Spain, USA / Dir: Miguel Gabaldon
A speechless story of two men who meet one day on the busy streets of New York and all the things they have to say to each other.


19 min / 2012 / Narrative Short / Spain, France / Dir: Roque Madrid, Juan Arcones
Holden is a young photographer suffering from short-term memory loss. He gets an assignment to do a photo shoot with a famous French actor for the promotion of his latest release. They land up spending the premiere night walking through the streets of Paris, knowing it’s probably the only night they will have together.


23 min / 2012 / Narrative Short / Austria / Dir: Gregor Schmidinger
Michael serves with the Austrian military forces and is on a weekly border duty where he develops feelings for Raphael, one of his comrades. Jürgen, another comrade, comes to know about Michael’s secret and starts bullying him. The suppressed conflict bubbles up during their last night at the Austrian-Hungarian border, socially isolated and armed with loaded weapons.


18 min / 2012 / Narrative Short / Canada / Dir: Eisha Marjara
Salim shows up posing as a home buyer at a suburban house that is up for sale. As the owner’s wife gives him a tour of the place, he recalls a memorable night when a fatal promise was made. He is after more than just the house!


10 min / 2012 / Narrative Short / USA / Dir: Adam Baran
Jack Hoffman hears from a friend about a stash of queer journals hidden across his small town. Despite his fear of the local bullies, he sets off on his bike and makes a mad dash to find it. But when he gets there, he finds he's not alone.


11.30 min / 2012 / Narrative Short / USA / Dir: Jules Nurrish
A gritty neo-noir set in East LA’s tough Latino boxing scene. A young boxer grapples with parallel dilemmas, as he deals with the aftermath of a particularly ugly fight in the ring, even as he begins to recognize the more urgent call of his own repressed sexuality.


15 min / Narrative Short / 2012 / USA / Dir: Reid Waterer
Two straight actors rehearse for a movie's upcoming gay love scene. How will they make out? A peek behind the curtain of the acting process, the films pokes fun at homophobia.


14 min / 2012 / Narrative Short / USA / Dir: Vivek Sharma
Kat, a struggling musician works as a receptionist at an audio post facility. She deals with her ailing girlfriend and is about to get her first recording deal. But when her boss tries to muddle up she needs a backup plan.


17 min / 2012 / Narrative Short / USA / Dir: April Maxey
Sofie, a shy and timid aspiring photographer meets June who runs a vintage camera shop. Something clicks, and as the two take off on a photography mission, Sofie learns a thing or two about standing up for herself.


25 min / 2013 / Narrative Short / USA / Dir: Marc Saltarelli
Alice Martin, a former headliner at the Latin Quarter, now lives alone, depressed and forgotten in a house hidden away from public and media gaze. She remembers a past love while searching for meaning in her golden years. While mentoring a young aspiring singer, past memories become entwined with the present as Alice comes to realize what
she thought was lost is only dormant, awaiting a new spark.


12 min / 2012 / Narrative Short / USA / Dir: Glenn Kiser
Phillip and Sam grapple with the concept of taking time apart from one another, and dealing with the consequences of coming back together after a mutually agreed-upon separation.


10 min / 2012 / Narrative Short / UK / Dir: Faryal
A drag queen and a woman in a burkha get stuck in a lift with surprising results!