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French Rendezvous at KASHISH 2012

GigolaMumbai International queer film fest showcases contemporary French cinema

France and India, both vibrant democracies, are known for their individualistic yet diverse culture, food and style, besides sharing a common passion for cinema.

Thoroughly enjoyed watching and discussing queer-related films from around the world

Abha TalesaraThis year the preview team had the unenviable task of sorting from 300 odd films that had poured in – the highest till date and choosing the best of the lot. Some good films made it worth their while.

Wendell Rodricks announces winner of KASHISH 2012 poster contest

KASHISH 2012 poster

The winner of Kashish 2012 Poster Contest has been chosen! The KASHISH Poster designed by S Ayyappa, a young graphic design student from Vijayawada has been picked as the winner by Wendell Rodricks, one of India’s top fashion designers.