KASHISH over the past seven years has emerged as a path breaking platform to showcase qualitative Indian LGBTQ films, by not only screening them in Mumbai at the festival, but also facilitating Indian LGBTQ film screenings across international film festivals and several Indian film festivals.

This initiative called ‘KASHISH Global’ has facilitated screenings at more than 40 International film festivals in UK, USA, Australia, Czech Republic, Indonesia, China, South Korea, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Romania, Taiwan, Pakistan, Netherlands, etc.

This year we bring together 10 wonderfully diverse and sensitive Indian LGBTQ films to offer for film festival and community screenings. These are award winning, critically acclaimed, or audience favorites from the KASHISH 2016.

You are free to choose the films that could be of interest to your audiences. We do request a modest screening fee for the filmmakers which can be discuss mutually. We also request a short courtesy line, ‘Screening facilitated by KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival’.

If you are interested in organising a screening, drop us an email at partners.kashish@gmail.com

About KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival

KASHISH Mumbai Intentional Queer Film Festival is South Asia’s biggest queer film festival and the only LGBT film festival in India to be held in a mainstream theatre. It has been voted as one of the Top 5 coolest LGBT Film Festivals in the World and has been listed as one of the Top 5 film festivals in India.

Founded in 2010, KASHISH has grown from strength to strength over the last seven years. Held across five days and simultaneously at three venues, the festival programs around 180 films from 50 countries and attracts close to 8500 footfalls each year. It is the first Indian LGBTQ festival to receive approval by the Information & Broadcasting Ministry, Government of India.

The festival also attracts noted Bollywood celebrities, film-makers, critics and academicians from India as well as international guests from across the world. It receives more than 100 press features every year from Indian press as well as international press.

KASHISH believes that art and films are powerful mediums to bring about social change and the festival uses the reach and spread that KASHISH has already established, as one of Mumbai’s important film festival, to rally public opinion towards equality and dignity for LGBTQ persons. KASHISH uses local, national and international platforms to advocate and sensitize the larger public about LGBTQ issues.


The films in the KASHISH Global 2016 boquet are as follows:



Director: Nishant Roy Bombarde
30mins / 2015 / Marathi with English subtitles / Narrative Short
Winner: Best Indian Narrative Short Award at KASHISH 2016

An adolescent Pankaj is discovering his sexuality. Torn between a patriarchal Indian upbringing full of gender-stereotypes and his natural urge to identify with the opposite gender, he finds an opportunity to express his desires within the bounds of cultural ethos.




Director: Srikant Ananthkrishnan, Vikrant Dhote
12 mins / 2015 / Marathi with English subtitles / Narrative Short
Winner: Riyad Wadia Award for Best Indian Filmmaker at KASHISH 2016

Where are we to turn when the ones sworn to protect us are the ones against whom we must be protected? It was just another day for Kabir and Arnav. But their lives take a turn for the worse when two cops decide to make a spectacle of them. As the night unfolds, help comes from an unlikely source who goes on to unmask the hypocrisy of our society.





Director: V. Ramanathan
16 mins / 2015 / Tamil with English subtitles / Documentary Short
Winner: QDristhti Film Grant Award at KASHISH 2016

The documentary is about the regular day-to-day life of a transgender person as a student and homemaker. She recites her story while we see her finish the daily, mundane chores at home. She is a graduate student and is married to an activist. She speaks about the importance of having a strong voice and hopes to adopt a child someday. The non-patronizing, non-dramatic approach makes ‘Normalcy’ a refreshing watch.




Director: Meera Darji
2015 / 30 min / Gujarati with English subtitles / Documentary Short
Winner: Best Documentary Short Award at KASHISH 2016

‘Transindia’ is a moving documentary exploring the Transgender community also known as Hijras, in Ahmedabad, India. From being criminalised in 1871 to marginalised in the current society, ‘Transindia’ takes you on a journey of their true lifestyles.




Director: Akhil Satyan
2015 / 24.20 min / Malayalam, Kannada with English subtitles / Documentary Short
Special Jury Mention: Best Documentary Short Award at KASHISH 2016                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ‘That’s My Boy’ takes us through the life of Sonu, who strongly disagrees to believe that his gender is the biological one. Sonu was born a girl but he always knew that his physical body and mental identity were at odds with each other.



Director: Sopan Muller
2015 / 32 min / Hindi, Marathi with English subtitles / Documentary Short

The film is a series of interviews with parent of various young men and women from the LGBT Community. The Parents are supportive, but it has been a long journey. Now they are able to speak of their gay child confidently and warmth, without even a hint of embarrassment.



Director: Moses Tulasi
2015 / 33 min / India / Telugu with English subtitles / Documentary Short

In India, the LGBTQ movement celebrates its growth and successes with a series of pride marches in various cities and small towns across the country. These events draw inspiration from India’s anti-casteist and feminist movements, acting not only as celebrations, but also as political protests.



Director: Mujeer Pasha
2015 / 38 min / Hindi with English subtitles / Narrative Short

‘Project Indian Bride’ is the story of a photographer who wants to do a do a photo-shoot with a transgender and present her as a bride. But his business partner and pregnant wife have issues which cause hurdles in the project.

‘Walking the Walk’ follows the participants of Hyderabad’s queer pride walk in February 2015. The walk draws inspiration from the most recently successful social movement which led to formation of a new state in India, Telangana. This film demonstrates how a collective of activists do more than talk the talk; they set into motion a political movement that celebrates small successes, demands resources for working-class transgender people, stands up to police violence, and allows the community to grieve for lost loved ones.



Director: Balaji M
2015 / 13 min / Tamil with English subtitles / Narrative Short

Priyanka and Ramya, two transwomen, live together as independent individuals, despite societal challenges. Priyanka’s one persistent wish it to be a mother, as she feels only being a mother completes her womanhood.