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KASHISH 2019 Films in Competition: Indian Narrative Shorts

5 Indian narrative short films compete for the KASHISH 2019 Indian Narrative Short Award with cash award of Rs.20,000 sponsored by Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares, and also a free 2-day HD shooting kit sponsored by Accord Equips.



15 min / 2018 / India / Hindi
Dir: Rohin Raveendran

A female frisking inside a shopping mall booth stands as a silent ally to a forbidden romance.
Sun June 16th 1.00pm | Liberty Carnival Cinemas



12 min / 2019 / India / Tamil
Dir: Naresh Gunaseelan

Raja, with a daughter and a son, is an easily paranoid father of middle class family, on his morning jog with friends hears their fun conversation about same sex marriages and relationship. Conversation developed on sharing facts about LGBT and this grips fear on the father as he now doubts on his daughter’s sexual orientation.
Sun June 16th 1.00pm | Liberty Carnival Cinemas



25 min / 2019 / India / English, Hindi
Dirs: Mujeer Pasha, Veena Kulkarni

Months after the divorce, Kumar shows up with bags at his ex-wive’s door. She lives with her girlfriend who happens to be Kumar’s best friend. Here is your classic triangle with a queer twist.
Sun June 16th 1.00pm | Liberty Carnival Cinemas



40 min / 2018 / India / Hindi
Dir: Hitendra Vharavadekar

Story of a gay boy in rural India who tried to stand up against the bullies but then gives up as him own family fails to understand him.
Sun June 16th 10:45am | Liberty Carnival Cinemas


U USHACHA (English Title: U for Usha)

22 min / 2019 / India / Marathi
Dir: Rohan Parashuram Kanawade

Usha, a single mother who works as a farm labourer in rural India, finds herself drawn to a female teacher of local primary school, in ways she never knew possible. This attraction plays an important part, in firing her passion to read and write as she hopes to be as good as the teacher, one day.
Sun June 16th 1:00pm | Liberty Carnival Cinemas

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