DAY 5 | Sun, July 26, 2020 | 4th Show | 5.00 PM

Though the law has been changed and things are improving in favour of the LGBTQIA community, but still it will take time to get rid of the taboo attached with gender and sexuality. The second part of Indian Masala Mix brings forth seven such stories about families and lovers.
Three of these films are also considered for (#) Riyad Wadia Award for Best Emerging Indian Filmmaker.

Director: Jithin Lal
5 min / 2019 / India / Kannada / Music Video

Maravairi is a traditional Classical Carnatic song which has been presented in Progressive Carnatic Rock genre. The video features Queer Pride and celebrates Diversity and Inclusiveness.

BY THE BEACH #        
Director: Aayushi Kumar
5 min / 2019 / India / Hindi / Narrative Short

After an overnight campfire with friends, Sanjana and Mohit sit on the beach and talk about their dysfunctional the relationship only to reveal that Mohit is into one of their other friends.

Director: Abhijit Suvarna
5 min / 2020 / India / No Dialogues / Narrative Short

Story of a closeted Indian queer person afraid of the rigid social dynamics of the society, keeps hiding behind a façade until a fantasy unleashes the actual self of the person.

Director: Atanu Mukherjee
26 min / 2019 / India / Hindi / Narrative Short

Artika believes herself to be modern, liberal and most importantly, independent. An unprecedented encounter with a transgender sex worker opposite her house, questions her beliefs. Will she now fall into the same societal prejudices that she has been fighting against?

Director: Arun Fulara
10 min / 2020 / India / Hindi / Narrative Short

When the middle-aged Kamble makes his weekly visit to the neighbourhood barber shop, it's not just for a shave.

Director: Taruna Khanagwal
26 min / 2019 / India / Hindi / Narrative Short

A misunderstanding turns devastating in the otherwise blissful romantic lives of Karthik and Imran, who following the death threats from their respective communities, escaped Kashmir hoping to find solace and love with each other.

Director: Ram Kamal Mukherjee
47 min / 2019 / India / Hindi / Narrative Short

Suchitra lives in Kolkata with her maid Chapala. Her daughter Romita who has been staying with her live-in partner Usmaan, finally decides to introduce him to her mother. Dealing with the relationship of a mother and daughter, the narrative subtly touches the issues of Indian LGBTQIA community punctuated with the fleeting references from Rituparno Ghosh’s film, as a tribute to the celebrated Indian filmmaker whose films transcend boundaries of gender of sexualities.

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