DAY 6 | Mon, July 27 (Tue, July 28) | 7th Show | 12.00 AM

Seven narrative shorts depicting the stories of courage and resilience. With the themes ranging from political to personal challenges, each of these films reassures that no matters how the world tries to pull you down, one should muster the courage to confront their anxieties and live up to their dreams.

BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE (Antes Que Seja Tarde)  
Director: Leandro Goddinho
15 min / 2019 / Narrative Short / Brazil

Brazil, the first week of 2019. A new president takes office in a scenario of fanaticism, prejudice, and violence. Locked in a hotel room, two teenagers decide to change the course of their lives. Before it’s too late.

FROM THE TOP         
Director: Neal Mulani
15 min / 2019 / Narrative Short / USA

An unnerving incident begins to chip away at a young songwriter’s state of mind.

ISLANDS (Inseln)
Director: Ron Jäger
20 min / 2019 / Narrative Short / Germany

Theo realized his feelings for Linus, but Linus is not sure. Theo gets bullied by his classmates, and nobody stands by his side except an odd old teacher Mr. Kruger, who is not giving up on his own dreams.

Director: Fabio Leal
16 min / 2018 / Narrative Short / Brazil

During a visit to Flavia at her new apartment, anxious and bearish Francisco opens up about his body image issues.

Director: Daisy Stenham
12 min / 2019 / Narrative Short / UK

Set in the undisclosed future where advanced technology means less privacy, we meet Nathan rapt with grief on the morning his Chief Happiness Officer is dispatched to help him.

TRAM (Bonde)
Director: Asaph Luccas
18 min / 2019 / Narrative Short / Brazil

Three young black friends from Heliopolis favela (slum) go out seeking for refuge in downtown LGBT + night scene.

CUBAN HEEL SHOES (Zapatos De Tacón Cubano)
Director: Julio Mas Alcaraz
18 min / 2019 / Narrative Short / Spain

Paco and Jose live in a marginal neighbourhood of Madrid, a place hostile to each of their dreams. Braving the challenges at home and outside, they must continue with their budding relationship and passion for Flamenco dance.

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