FIREFLIES (Jonaki Porua)

DAY 3 | Fri, July 24, 2020 | 6th Show | 10.00 PM

FIREFLIES (Jonaki Porua)
Director: Prakash Deka
92 min / 2019/ Narrative Feature / India / In Competition

Jahnu (Benjamin Daimary) lives in a remote village by the banks of the river Brahmmaputra in in Assam, Northeast India. The villagers mock him for the femininity that he proudly wears on his body. Jahnu dreams of getting an operation and becoming a woman. Jahnu's sister, Jumu (Bitopi Dutta), who has decided to never come out as a queer woman to protect her parent's reputation in the village, worries that Jahnu might also have to live a painful life like her, although both the siblings have never spoken about their struggles aloud. Jahnu and Jumu's elder brother, Baba is extremely unhappy about his gender nonconformist siblings who he thinks have made their family dishonorable in the village.

Jahnu's life takes a drastic turn when his romantic relationship with Palash catches attention of the villagers. With Palash refusing to acknowledge the relationship, Jahnu has to decide if he would continue living a life hiding himself or let himself walk forth with his truth.

Festivals & Honors
North American Premiere - Twin Cities Film Fest 2019 Minneapolis, USA, 2019
Dialogues: Calcutta International LGBT Film and Video Festival, India 2019
Irish Premiere - Indian Film Festival of Ireland 2019
Prisma Independent Awards 2019 Rome, Italy 2019
First Time FIlmmaker Sessions: Liff Global Network, London, UK 2019 

PRAKASH DEKA is a self-taught, emerging filmmaker from India. He has written and directed independent films, like his directorial debut Fireflies, which is on the struggles of transgender people in the rural communities of North East India. Currently he is working on his next project called Broken Arrow which is on Bangladeshi Immigration to India.

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