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May 26


Bathroom Break (short film)

Transition Day (short film)

COMING IN (documentary feature)

Director: Marlies Demeulandre

2015 | 55 min | France | Documentary Feature

Nine people, gays and lesbians working at three companies have agreed to share the stories of their lives at work, stories that until now had rarely been heard and often been kept silent. Aged 20 to 80, from high level executives to office workers, they form a panel of great social, cultural and psychological diversity. From the seventies, our witnesses have developed amazing strategies in order to conform. In a humane and positive way, this documentary deals with being different and feeling judged.



Celebrar Brasil (short film package)

5 extraordinary short films from this year’s Country in Focus: Brazil, brings together the diverse living experiences of Brazilian LGBTQ community in all its splendid glory.



Stories From The Edge (short film package)

5 short films that are intriguing and illuminating about the dilemmas of love… of losing and find love.



Family Matters! (short film package)

Families are there for you – through thick and thin, ups and downs – but sometimes the journey is not so smooth, when riddled with secrets and shenanigans. Seven films that will touch your heart and reaffirm that Family is what Matters!



Falling Angels (short film)

Julia – the priest’s daughter – falls in love with the beautiful Barbara, who just moved to the island. A story about forbidden love and the impossible choices it leads to.

Sangini (short documentary)

Dedicated to (late) Betu Singh, one of the earliest lesbian activist, the documentary tells the stories of people who fled their families and sought sanctuary at Sangini, a shelter for lesbian, bi and trans-identified people in Delhi. Fleeing family imposed restrictions, violence and pressures to get married – a young woman, a trans-man, and a lesbian couple recount their stories of flight and resilience, their struggle to assert their civil rights and independence, and their hopes for the future.




Director:  Catherine Stewart

2015 | 104 min | South Africa | Narrative Feature

While You Weren’t Looking is an original story, set in Cape Town. The protagonists are queer people, from all walks of life, whose intertwining tales present a humorous, inventive and dramatic take on contemporary life in South Africa. It is through the eyes and experiences of a cross-section of queers – black, white and coloured, cruisy singles, married couples with children, city and township dwellers, apartheid survivors and born frees, professionals and skollies – that we see the South African contemporary landscape unfold

May 27


Wedlocked (short film)


Dirs: Gabi Torrezani, FabiaFuzeti

2015 |50 min | Portuguese with EST | Brazil | Documentary Short

A documentary about the history of the same-sex marriage in Brazil. It follows the wedding process of two Brazilian women Fabia and Gabi while also presenting the history of same-sex marriage in the country through interviews with LGBT activists, other gay couples and important political figures.



Proud To Be Me (short film package)

‘Lets get beyond the labels, lets be proud of who we are’, that’s what each of the five films in this package seem to say very clearly and effectively.



ORIENTED (documentary feature)

Director: Jake Witzenfeld

2015 | 86 min | Arabic, English, Hebrew with EST | Israel, UK | Documentary Feature

Oriented follows the lives of three Palestinian friends exploring their national and sexual identity in Tel-Aviv during the Israel-Gaza conflict of 2014. While their work may not change the world, it certainly helps them deal with the frustration of living with multi-faceted identities.



Our Voices (short film package)

What does it mean to be gay, lesbian or transgender person in a country that discriminates and stigmatizes the, pushing them underground. But many brave men and women rise above the challenges and ensure that ‘our voices’ are heard loud and clear.




Director: André Schäfer, Oliver Bätz

2014 | 52 min | English | Germany, USA | Documentary Feature

Five Days in New York takes the viewers back to the origins of the gay pride movement in New York City. At the same time, the film also takes a closer look at what goes on behind the scenes of the New York Pride March, which is one of the cities greatest parties as well as one of the largest political events in New York City.



Floating Melon (short film)

NAZ & MAALIK (feature film)

Dir: Jay Dockendorf

2015 | 86 min | English | USA | Narrative Feature

Over the course of one Friday afternoon in Brooklyn, two closeted teens have their secretive lives rattled by FBI surveillance. Intimate and meditative, Naz & Maalik examines the mysterious forces that animate teenage minds

May 28

10.00 am

MY CHILD, MY PRIDE (Short Film Package)

Most of us struggle to come out to our parents fearing what they would think, how would they react. But maybe the fears are unfounded, as parents could be really accepting. Five films that speak of parental love, which is one of the most crucial part of this year’s theme ‘7 Shades of Love’


11.15 am

HELLO STRANGER (Short Film Package)

Two strangers meet for a brief while, but there are those sparks which fly, or an emotion that is touched. Seven heart-warming films about how a meeting can change your life, even for a moment!


1.00 pm

LOVE THAT HURTS (Short Film Package)

Love is healing, but many a times it is also hurting. Six films that delve deep into the heart and unearth hidden emotions for that someone special, about the love that hurts.


3.00 PM

TROUBLED VOICES (Short Film Package)

Four films from countries where coming out as a gay, lesbian, transgender person is perilous and many-a-times life threatening. But some brave youngsters still raise their voice for equality, justice and the right to be who they are.


4.45 pm


Director: Annalise Ophelian

2015 | 91 min | USA | Documentary Feature | MUMBAI PREMIERE

Major! explores the life and campaigns of Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, a 73-year old formerly incarcerated Black transgender elder and activist who has been fighting for the rights of trans-women of colour for over 40 years. She is a veteran of the Stonewall Rebellion and a survivor of Attica State Prison. At the heart of Major! is a social justice framework that puts the subjects at the center of their story, told with love and humor, and personalized through the lens of a vibrant and charismatic woman.


6.30 pm

LAZARUS COME OUT (Lazzaro Vieni Fuori)

Director: Lorenzo Caproni

2015 | 14 min | Italian with EST | Italy | Narrative Short

The re-enactment of the ‘Raising of Lazarus’ has been organized at a parish; and a new boy joins in. However, for these young people “raising” can also mean transforming oneself and casting off hypocrisy.


Director: Stephen Cone

2015 | 87 min | English | USA | Narrative Feature

Henry’s father is an Evangelical preacher, but Henry isn’t likely to follow in his footsteps. It seems like he has feelings for other boys that could put him on a dangerous collision course with his family and their beliefs. Things reach a fever pitch at Henry’s birthday party, as the outdoor pool fills up with chlorine, friends, and mounting tension.

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