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LIBERTY CINEMA (MAY 25‐29, 2016)

SFP = Short Film Package Narrative Features Narrative Shorts Documentaries Country Focus
9:30AM 10:45AM 12:30PM 2:30PM 4:30PM 6:00PM 8:15PM 10:30PM
Wed, May 25 OPENING CEREMONY 9.30pm
Opening Film:
CAROL 118min
Thu, May 26 Changing Reflections
(SFP) 54min ‐ Normalcy,
Project Indian Bride
Transindia 30min +
Anjali: How Long Can
Someone Live In Other’s
Skin 35min
Between Hellos &
Goodbyes (SFP) 108min ‐
Buddy, Left To Their
Senses, Mx. Pink, The
Cricket And The Ant,
Back Again, Blind Date,
San Cristóbal
Weird Is Who’s Not
Weird 16min +
Daddy 89min
Panel Discussion
‘Way Ahead with Sec 377’
Koti 126min It’s Complicated (SFP)
42min ‐ She And I,
Johanna, Julie, NXS+
Heterosexual Jill 80min
Bed Buddies 16min +
Shared Rooms 75min
Fri, May 27 Rainbow on Roads (SFP)
45min ‐ Equal Justice
Under Law, Pride &
Prejudice &
Pandemonium, Walking
the Walk
Lost Years 21min +
Pansy! 68min
My Child Is Gay, I Am
Happy 38 min +
Gay (Magizhvan) 56min
Beautiful Something
Panel Discussion :
‘Cinema & Censorship’
Centerpiece Feature:
I Am Not He… She
Dunno Y2… Life Is A
Moment 105min
Boys In Brazil 92min
Sat, May 28 That Feeling Called Love
(SFP) 52min ‐ All About
Love, Just Another Love
Story, In The Mood For
Matters of Heart (SFP)
90min ‐ Tri‐Curious, Tom
In America, He
Who Has Two Souls, No
Matter Who, Trade
Queen, Sauna The Dead ‐
A Fairy Tale
Inner Jellyfishes 24 min + How
To Win At Checkers
(Every Time) 80min
Indian Masala Mix I
(SFP) 97min ‐ Aavahan ‐
Voices From The Fringe,
That’s My Boy, Where
The Blue Lotus Blooms…,
Hiraeth, Dancing
Queens: It’s All About
Panel Discussion :
‘Crowdfunding and
independent cinema in
Centerpiece Feature:
Aligarh 114min
Reaching For The Moon
Front Cover 87min
Sun, May 29 LOL (SFP) 62min ‐ Family Values, Spoken In Jest, Setting Them Straight, Easy Reappearance, Spunkle, You. Me. Bathroom. Sex. Now Centerpiece Documentary:
Tab Hunter Confidential 90min
Better Half 110min Indian Masala Mix 2 (SFP) 94min ‐ Untold Unheard Story, That One Night, Sandclock, Manam, Any Other Day, The Threshold (Daaravtha) 4.30pm
Akron 88min
Panel Discussion :
‘Emerging Filmmakers Interface’ (in First Floor Lobby)
Closing Film: THOSE PEOPLE 89min


10.00 AM 11.15 AM 1.15 PM 2.45 PM 4.30 PM 6.15 PM
Thu, May 26 Benjamin 16min + Welcome Home 63min Best of Iris (SFP) 89min ‐ Mirrors, Roxanne, Closets, In the Hollow, Hole, Vessels Bread of Life 7min + An Act of Love 86min I Love You. Thank You 110min
Fri, May 27 Families We Create (SFP) 55min ‐ We Could Be Parents, Lethargy, Technical Difficulties of Intimacy My Beautiful Life (SFP) 88min ‐ The 101 Transgender Project, The Gay Bombay Talent Show, Who’s that Girl?, God’s Mistake, Portraits from Mykonos Boys Short (SFP) 95min ‐ Chariot Riders, Dear Drew, An Afternoon, Into The details, Flor de Chasna, Want It, Julie Baggage 15min + How To Be Alone 23min + Portrait Of A Serial Monogamist 84min
Sat, May 28 Lost and Found 34min + Everything’s Alright 27min The New Me! (SFP) 58min ‐ Out Again, Amar: Deaf is an Identity, Skin and Bone, Keep Your Head Up, Read Aloud, All Cats Are Pink In The Dark + It’s Complicated (SFP) 42mins ‐ She And I, Johanna, Julie, NXS Paint Me Love (SFP) 66min ‐ Betty, Bits + Pieces : Andy, The Orchid, Forgetfulness, This You and Me, Staccato Zulema 11min + My Name is Jacque 76min Girls Short (SFP) 86min ‐ Against the Night, Stay Over, Between Silences, Women in Vaivén, Run For The Truth, Oh, I Get It, Carmen, A Woman At A Piano, The Massage Desires 9min + Two Girls Descending The Stairs 108min


10.00 AM 11.15 AM 1.00 PM 3.00 PM 4.45 PM 6.30 PM
Thu, May 26 Bathroom Break 2min + Transition Day 6min + Coming In 55min/td> Celebrar Brasil (SFP) 95min ‐ Floozy Suzy, The Quietness, Paper and Jeans, Submarine, You, Me And Him Stories From The Edge (SFP) 103min ‐ Scarlines, Lost and Found, Speak, Everything’s Alright Family Matters! (SFP) 91min ‐ Veiled, Viktor, Dinner Confession, To Mum (Love, Me), The Owls, Now They’re Two, Life’s A Drag… Falling Angels 28min + Sangini 46min While You Weren’t Looking 104min
Fri, May 27 Wedlocked 12min + Here Come The Brides ‐ The Same‐Sex Marriage in Brazil 50min Proud To Be Me (SFP) 63min ‐ Homogen (Admitting My Difference), Beyond the Looking Glass, I Am What I Am, Homogen (Loving Your Difference) + Project Indian Bride 38min Centerpiece Documentary:
Oriented 86min
Our Voices (SFP) 69min ‐ Trans’It, Ghost Empire § Cyprus + Normalcy 17min Five Days in New York ‐ Gay Pride On The Hudson River 52min Floating Melon 19min + Naz & Maalik 86min
Sat, May 28 My Child, My Pride (SFP) 62min ‐ Little Elephant, Raising Owen: A Genderqueer Love Story, Pink Dads, Pink Boy, It’s Nothing! Hello Stranger (SFP) 92min ‐ Mirror, Piece of Naan, Dawn, The Wig, Obsession, The Definition Of Lonely, Perpetual Love That Hurts (SFP) 85min ‐ Clinch, From Him, Ecstasy, In Return, She‐Wolves, A Tale with Christ and Jesus Troubled Voices (SFP) 93min ‐ Kry, Rotten, Why We Ran From Iran, Shunned Major! 91min Lazarus Come Out 14min + Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party 87min

NOTE: Schedule subject to change without prior notice at the discretion of the festival.

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