Film Schedule – Alliance Francaise de Bombay


Benjamin (short film)

WELCOME HOME (documentary feature)

Dir: Pablo Rogero

2015 | 62.37 min | English, Spanish with EST | Spain, USA | Documentary Feature

A gay couple in Barcelona decide to have a child and travel to Los Angeles to meet the woman who has agreed to be the surrogate mother. Throughout this peculiar process of pregnancy, Mario and Sergio prepare and share expectations with their family and friends of their experience of becoming what they’ve always wanted to be: parents.



Best of Iris (short film package)

Best of Iris package of short films comprise of the winners and highly commended films at Iris Prize 2015 film festival. Iris Prize film festival is one of the leading LGBTQ short film festivals in the world and offers a GBP25,000 award to the Best LGBTQ short film, for the filmmakers to make his/her next film. KASHISH is a partner festival of Iris Prize and the winner of the Best Indian Narrative Short film gets to be nominated to compete for this highest award.



Bread of Life (short film)

AN ACT OF LOVE (documentary feature)

Director: Scott Sheppard

2015 | 86 min | English | USA | Documentary Feature

In 2013, Rev. Frank Schaefer was put on trial in the United Methodist Church for officiating his son’s same-sex wedding. The Schaefer family was pulled into a movement for LGBTQ equality in America’s second largest protestant denomination. An Act of Love follows Rev. Schaefer’s journey from a small-town minister to an outspoken advocate.



I LOVE YOU. THANK YOU (feature film)

Dir: Charliebebs Gohetia

2015 | 110 min | Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand | Narrative Feature

Paul is a restless twenty-something who cannot get his life together. Worse, he’s been holding on to his love towards Red, his best friend’s boyfriend. Looking for a sense of direction, he goes to Siem Reap and meets Tang, who falls in love with him. But when Ivan leaves Red without any explanation, Paul finds himself caught between chasing his unrequited love for Red or choose Tang, the one who is always willing to give him love that he cannot return.

1.15 PM

Families We Create (short film package)

The four films in this package offer a heartwarming take on queer relationships and families. Each film reflects the challenges gay and transgender persons faces when they tries to form families of their choice.


2.45 PM

My Beautiful Life (short film package)

Life is what you make it – you can be fabulous, you can be beautiful – it is all in your mind!

Five documentary short films fill you with hope that a beautiful life is very much possible.


4.30 PM

Boys Shorts (short film package)

A package of 7 funny, sexy, and emotionally moving short films that celebrates both the tough & emotional sides of gay men.



Baggage (short film)

How To be Alone (short film)


Directors: John Mitchell, Christina Zeidler

2015 | 84 min | English | USA |Narrative Feature

Set in the Parkdale neighbourhood of Toronto, Portrait of a Serial Monogamist invites audiences to peek behind the curtain to a world of smart, funny and relatable queer characters, dealing with the universal complications of modern relationships. Not another coming out story, this is a fresh coming-of-middle-age rom-com.
10.00 AM

LOST AND FOUND (short film)

Dir: Zeng Lei

2015 | 34 min | Chinese | China | Narrative Short

Qianbi goes missing on Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. Xiangpi, Qianbi’s boyfriend, goes to Qianbi’s hometown Chongqing and takes a job as a mailman, hoping to intercept the parcel containing information on Qianbi’s fate.


Dir: Sandeep Rampal Balhara

2015 | 27 min | Polish with EST | Poland | Narrative Short

Daniel’s existence carries shadows from the past in the form of queer flashes in his dreams. Dan’s phantasmagoria of opulence and serenity with his lovely wife enters doldrums when mischievous Max is introduced to Daniel.


11.15 AM

THE NEW ME! (Short Film Package)

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”, said Oscar Wilde and that’s exactly what is reflected in the films in this package. And when one discovers a new oneself it is the romance for a life-time.


1.15 PM

PAINT ME LOVE (Short Film Package)

Love is a diverse emotion that can fill you with happiness and joy. Six short films about the beautiful feeling called love and the 7 Shades of Love.


2.45 PM

ZULEMA (short film)

Director: Leticia López

2015 | 11 min | Guarani, Spanish with EST | Paraguay | Narrative Short | INDIAN PREMIERE

Zulema is a young transsexual looking for something different from sexual work. Thanks to her devotion to the Virgin Mary, she touches the heart of Dona Conche, a fanatical Catholic laundress in search of an assistant.

MY NAME IS JACQUE (Meu Nome É Jacque)

Director: Angela Zoé

2015 | 76 min | Portuguese with EST | Brazil | Documentary Feature | INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE

The documentary My name is Jacque addresses the diversity through the life story of Jacqueline Rocha Cortes, a Brazilian transsexual woman who has been living with AIDS for 21 out of her 55 years of life.


4.30 PM

GIRL SHORTS (Short Film Package)

Whys should Boys have all the fun? Here’s a collection of nine short films about girls and women that are emotionally moving, moody, spunky and funny about female longing and belonging.


6.15 PM

DESIRES (Désirs)

Director: Yannick Nolin, Clarissa Rebouças

2015 | 9 min | French with EST | France | Narrative Short | INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE

Charlotte and Marie live a relationship full of desire, but a secret can change everything.


Director: Fabiano de Souza

2015 | 108 min | Portuguese with EST | Brazil | Narrative Feature| INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE | IN COMPETITION

They’re complete opposites. Adri has an Art degree, but lives in that post-graduation limbo. Mona is a chill architect with plans and money to spare. A great passion is born, with the city in the background and the wind blowing the days away. Nine months, nine staircases and nine seasons of love.

NOTE: Schedule subject to change without prior notice at the discretion of the festival.

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