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K.F. Patil Unity in Diversity Award for Best Documentary Feature

The best documentary feature award category includes Indian and International documentaries completed after January 1, 2017 and having their Mumbai Premiere at KASHISH. It carries a trophy and a gift hamper and a cash prize of Rs 15,000 sponsored by the K.F. Patil Charitable Trust.

Friday May 25 / 10.45am / Liberty Carnival Cinemas
BOYS FOR SALE (Original Title: 売買ボーイズ)
76 min / 2017 / Japan / Japanese
Dir: Itako

Boys for sale

In 2-chome, the red light district of Shinjuku, Tokyo, there are bars that are frequented by male patrons. 2-chome has had a historical connection to prostitution since the Edo-period which continues to this day. Nine “urisen” speak about their experiences, about their profession, as well as how they began the work.

Friday May 25 / 2.00pm / Metro INOX
ARTICLE 18 (Original Title: Artykuł Osiemnasty)
75 min / 2017 / Poland, UK / Polish, English / Documentary Feature
Dir: Bartosz Staszewski

Article 18

An independent, full-length documentary film, aiming to explain why Poland has failed to introduce same-sex marriage law. Despite 25 years of freedom and democracy, LGBT people in Poland are still struggling with discrimination, while politicians play their problems down.

Friday May 25 / 7.00pm / Metro INOX
70 min / 2017 / USA / English / Documentary Feature
Dir: Lorne Clarkson


An intimate, affirming documentary following a 20-year-old Arab-American trans man in his first year of transition as he begins taking hormones, goes through gender confirmation surgery, and finds his place in the trans community. ‘A Year in Transition’ is also unique in that the Director / Producer is a transman who is a member of the community that is represented in the film.

Saturday May 26 / 11.00am / Metro INOX
75 min / 2017 / UK, Kenya / English, Swahili / Documentary Feature
Dir: Tristan Aitchison

Sidney & Friends

When his family tries to kill him, Sidney, an intersex, flees to Nairobi where he meets a group of transgender friends. Together, they fight discrimination and discover life, love and self-worth. SIDNEY & FRIENDS is a heartfelt exploration of the hopes, dreams, and everyday reality of a group of intersex and transgender friends fighting to survive on the edge of Kenyan society.

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