Design KASHISH 2020 Poster to win Cash Award of Rs.25,000 (US$ 350)

KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival (India) invites designers across the world to design the official festival poster and overall look for its 11th edition with the theme ‘Moving Forward, Together!’ 

KASHISH 2020 will be held from May 20-24, 2020 in Mumbai.

India’s ace fashion designer Wendell Rodricks will pick the winner and also award a cash prize of Rs.25,000* to the winner.

The winning design will be used on billboards (hoardings), banners, cinema slides, delegate cards, T-shirts and catalog cover.

For the past eight years KASHISH International Poster Design Contest has become a celebrated worldwide contest, receiving entries from several countries. (see winning designs from earlier years below)

TO ENTER: Filling out the Contest Form at with all details.

You should ALSO Email a high resolution jpeg to


THEME:  ‘Moving Forward, Together!’ 

It’s already more than 1 1/2 years since reading down of Sec 377, and the LGBTQ community in India is still celebrating. But apart from the legal change, have things changed at societal level, is there more acceptance? What about the marginalized sections within the LGBTQI+ spectrum? The festival theme of the 11th edition of KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival 2020 will focus on the steps needed to ‘Moving Forward, Together!’ to ensure equality & dignity for everyone.

Poster Design Contest Rules


A Poster design which is an original artwork that encompasses the KASHISH 2020 theme ‘Moving Forward, Together!’ (see description of theme in previous section).

Note: Only a graphically designed poster. No photographs or hand painted or any other form of artwork.


  1. Poster Design MUST include the following:

(i) Festival’s Edition & Name: 11th KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival

(ii) Tagline: South Asia’s Biggest Queer Film Festival

(iii) KASHISH logo available at:

(iv) Theme Line: ‘Moving Forward, Together!’

(v) Date: Liberty Carnival Cinemas : May 20-24, 2020

(vi) Space for logos of organizers & partners at the bottom of the poster (to be inserted later)

  1. Image Orientation: Portrait. The design should be a VERTICAL (PORTRAIT) image.
  2. Submission Size – A2 Portrait 300 DPI (4961 pixels width x 7016 pixels height).
  3.    Submission File – PNG or JPEG. Maximum file size – 10 MB.
  4. Upon selection it should be available as a Adobe Illustrator / Corel Draw file.
  5. All images used in the poster MUST be free of all copyright.


  1. KASHISH MIQFF has a no discrimination policy. Everyone is welcome to submit their designs. Every design will be judged purely on its merit and its co-relation to the festival theme.
  1. KASHISH International Poster Design Contest receives hundreds of entries from all over the world. Many a times several submissions display similarity. Hence KASHISH is not responsible for receiving designs which maybe similar to yours. The selection team judges each design in its entirety and only on its merit and relevance to theme. Decision of the judge is final and indisputable.

Poster Design Contest FAQs

  1. When is the deadline?

Entries should reach us by or before SUNDAY DECEMBER 22, 2019 at 11:59 PM (IST)

  1. Who can submit and how many entries can I submit?

This is an International Competition. Anyone, anywhere in the world can participate. Each participant is allowed to submit a maximum of TWO entries with COMPLETELY DIFFERENT creative.

  1. What about images to be used?

It has to be a graphic design that is easily re-producable across design platforms and branding elements. The participant should hold full responsibility of owning the copyright to the images and designs submitted to the contest. The entry will be disqualified if it has any copyrighted image or element.

  1. Where do I submit or send my design?

By filling out form with all details. Upload the designs in the form itself.

  1. How does the judging take place?

The entries will be shortlisted by the KASHISH core team and the winner will be picked by Celebrity judge Wendell Rodricks! The decision of poster selection will be based on relevance, authenticity and innovation.

  1. Can I submit a design which is done by me and my friend together?

Yes, you may. If your design gets selected as a winner the festival will award only one trophy. However you are free to split the cash award and other perks between you and your fellow designer.

Also, you both will be credited in the festival’s press releases and promotion and called upon to receive the Award and the Trophy.

  1. Can I re-use my poster design from this contest for other projects

No. The submissions cannot be submitted or used fully or partially elsewhere till the results are announced. The winning design becomes the property of KASHISH and cannot be reused anywhere in full or in parts.

  1. If the submitted poster does not get selected as the winning poster, can I use it elsewhere?

If a submitted poster does not get selected the participant is free to use it anywhere else.

  1. When will I be informed if my design gets selected?

An Official email will be sent to you during the last week of January 2020. Please make sure to share your valid email id with us.

  1. Will I also get an email notification even if my design doesn’t get selected?

Sorry. We would like to mail you, but each year the festival receives a sizeable amount of entries across the world. It won’t be possible for us to notify all the participants.

  1. Will I get any credit if my design is selected?

The winner(s) of the contest will be credited in the press, festival website and catalog.

  1. Is there any other reward if my design is selected?

The reward includes a cash prize of Rs.25,000* sponsored by India’s ace fashion designer Wendell Rodricks, a KASHISH award trophy, a KASHISH T-shirt and a Festival Guest Pass that allows entry to all festival events during KASHISH 2020 (travel and accommodation to festival at participant’s own cost).

* Bank transfer charges will be deducted where applicable

Past Winning Poster Designs




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