Wednesday May 23 / 9.00pm / Liberty Carnival Cinemas
Opening Feature Film
144min / 2017 / France
Dir: Robin Campillo

1. Beats Per Minute

Winner of the Grand Prix at Cannes last year and this year’s France’s Oscar entry for the Best Foreign Language opens the 9th edition of KASHISH. A compelling story of AIDS activists fighting the deadly epidemic that became more prevalent in Paris during the early 1990.

Thursday May 24 / 5.30pm / Liberty Carnival Cinemas
Feature Film
92 min / 2018 / India / Hindi
Dir: Rohit Dwivedi

2. Khejdi

In a remote village of Rajasthan when a child is born to the sole Ayurvedic doctor (Baidji) of the village he decides to raise the child hidden away from the world within the walls of his house. Khejdi grows up within those walls surrounded by the Ayurvedic knowledge. But when she questions her father why can’t she live like everybody else and go outside? Baidji realizes that he can’t keep her away from experiencing the world on her own.

Thursday May 24 / 7.35pm / Liberty Carnival Cinemas
Feature Film
80 min / 2017 / Argentina / Spanish
Dir: Pablo D’Alo Abba

3. Mater

Lena and Celeste love each other and desperately want to become mothers. One night, they go out looking for a sperm donor and choose a stranger to conceive their child with. That night Celeste meets Darío, a young man unhappy with his life and dominated by his overprotective mother. The event will set their lives on a different course, especially Dario’s, who will discover that he can do something for himself.

Thursday May 24 / 9.20pm / Liberty Carnival Cinemas
Centerpiece Feature Film
105 min / 2017 / Finland / German
Dir: Dome Karukoski

4. Tom Of Finland

Touko Laaksonen, a decorated officer, returns home after a harrowing and heroic experience serving his country in World War II, but life in Finland during peacetime proves equally distressing. He finds peace-time Helsinki rampant with persecution of gay men around him, and men even being pressured to marry women and have children. Touko finds refuge in his liberating art, specializing in drawings of muscular men, free of inhibitions. His work – made famous by his signature ‘Tom of Finland’ – became the emblem of a generation of men and fanned the flames of a gay revolution.

Friday May 25 / 5.30pm / Liberty Carnival Cinemas
Feature Film
105 min / 2017 / India / Tamil
Dir: Lokesh Kumar

5. My Son is Gay

In this moving humanist melodrama, Varun comes out to his best friend’s mother. When the news reaches his own mother Lakshmi, she rejects it, in disbelief that the perfect son she so adores could ever be gay. What follows is a portrayal of the entrenched prejudice that the LGBTQ community still face in India today. With Section 377, the law criminalizing same-sex relationships, currently under review by the courts, this is a timely and important take on queer rights and a test of a mother’s love for her son.

Friday May 25 / 7.35pm / Liberty Carnival Cinemas
Feature Film
108 min / 2017 / India / Hindi
Dir: Onir

6. Shab

This film is about lives of people who live on the edge of what society finds acceptable. It is about coming to terms with oneself and accepting other people as they are. The film is set in the cosmopolitan city of Delhi where people from all over the country come to fulfill their dreams. For some, these dreams are realized, while others remain in an endless pursuit of other elusive dreams. Perhaps it is the hope of ultimately reaching that destination that keeps one going. And then there are others who surrender to the overwhelming power of the city of dreams and get lost in the maze.

Friday May 25 / 9.00pm / Metro INOX
Feature Film
115 min / 2016 / Germany, Austria / German
Dir: Jakob M. Erwa

Foto: ©2015 TOM TRAMBOW

neue schönhauser filmproduktion

prisma film- & Fernsehproduktion. mojo pictures, universum film
Producer: Boris Schönfelder
Regie: Jakob M. Erwa
Kamera.: Ngo The Chau
Produktionsleitung: Christine Günther
Szenenbid: Veronika Merlin
Kostümbild: Peri de Braganca
Maskenbild: Kathrin Bornmüller
Koproduzent: Victoria Salcher, 
Mathias Forberg, Jakob M. Erwa

Drehtag 13
Motiv: "Villa Visible"

79 die Frage nach dem Vater löst einige
Gedankenspiele aus - auch Montage 6
78A Nicholas unterzieht sich der eingehenden Prüfung durch Glass.
150 Glass öffnet Nicholas wortlos die Tür.
X_Totale Villa +(mit Citroen) 
5 1E Mystische Stimmung und eine hagere
Mädchengestalt, die Phil und Tereza
beobachtet (Sturm).
klein Phil und kl. Dianne sitzen
auf der Treppe, Tereza kommt mit dem
blutigen Laken die Treppe herunter.
120T 2E klein Phil sitzt auf der Treppe und hört dem Gespräch der Ewachsenen zu.
39 2E (Dämmerung für Nacht) Tereza erreicht im Nachthemd die Villa, findet den frierenden Phil vor dem Haus.
6T1 1E Flashback in Zeitlupe, Tereza rennt in Panik die Treppe am Eingang hoch ...
41 1E klein Phil und kl. Dianne fahren mit Tereza, Dianne entzieht Phil ihre Hand 
6T2 E Fortsetzung B6 ... Tereza rennt die Treppe nach oben zu Glass.
7 1E das blau blinkende Licht des Notarztwagens im Eingangsbereich der

01. Phil - Louis Hofmann
03. Glass - Sabine Timoteo
04. Tereza - Inka Friedrich
05 Nicholas - Jannik Schümann
09. klein Phil - Bendix Hansen
10. klein Dianne - Sarah Fuhrer

06. Kat - Svenja Jung

17-year-old Phil lives with his mother and twin sister in an old mansion on the outskirts of town. When he returns from summer camp, the mood in the mansion has soured somehow. Phil doesn’t worry about it, hanging out with his best friend Kat instead. When he starts to feel attracted to a mysterious new student at school, Phil is plunged into emotional turmoil only exacerbated by the trouble at home.

Friday May 25 / 10.00pm / Liberty Carnival Cinemas
Feature Film
88 min / 2018 / Canada / English
Dir: Charlie David

8. Shadowlands

Shadowlands is an anthology style film that explores love in three separate stories set in 1928, 1951 and 2018 – a couple renegotiating a relationship, a narcissist grasping to comprehend it, and star-crossed lovers mourning its loss.

Saturday May 26 / 2.45pm / Metro INOX
Feature Film
91 min / 2017 / France, Germany / German
Dir: Anatol Schuster

9. Air

Manja’s love for the fiercely independent Louk hits her hard and fast – literally and figuratively. Their first encounter in the woods behind Manja’s apartment block is a collision, with Louk knocking a surprised Manja to the ground. But she then exchanges a soft kiss of thanks for Manja, not giving her position away to her pursuers. It develops into a devotion to the rebellious girl that will see the studious Manja do things she wouldn’t normally do in order to be close to and take care of the achingly lost Louk, whose mother is no longer around and father might as well not be. AIR is a delicate film with nuanced performances from its two leads and a surprising depth at its heart.

Saturday May 26 / 5.30pm / Liberty Carnival Cinemas
Feature Film
103 min / 2017 / India / Malayalam
Dir: Suresh Narayanan

10. Irattajeevitham

Sainu and Amina were thick friends when they were kids and this attraction between the two had grown irresistibly making them inseparable. But, there was one major hitch. Inside Amina was a man. As they slipped into adolescence, this reality became a stark and unbearable one. One day, Amina disappears from home and her whereabouts are unknown. Sainu is reluctantly married off to a local guy. But, almost ten years later, a stranger, a man, appears at the village. He is Adraman, who is none other than Amina who had undergone a sex change surgery to release the man inside her.

Saturday May 26 / 7.35pm / Liberty Carnival Cinemas
Centerpiece Narrative Feature
108 min / 2018 / India / English
Dir: Vandana Kataria

11. Noblemen

It is winter in a prestigious all boys’ boarding school, where children continue to practice age-old rituals and codes bound by years of hierarchy. Shay is picked on constantly, the main perpetrators being Arjun, the tall athletic sports captain, and his best friend Baadal. Shay and Pia, the spunky daughter of the new Junior School Principal are cast as Bassanio and Portia in the Founder’s Day production of Merchant of Venice. Murali, the charismatic drama teacher unknowingly adds salt to Baadal’s wounds by casting him as Shay’s understudy. Indignant, Baadal vows to get Shay’s part at any cost and turns to his buddy Arjun for help. Events take a sinister turn when Shay walks in on Arjun, Baadal, and their cronies on a debauched night.

Saturday May 26 / 10.00pm / Liberty Carnival Cinemas
Feature Film
94 min / 2017 / Brazil / Portuguese
Dir: Marcelo Caetano

12. Body Electric

The summer is coming and Elias has been dreaming of the sea a lot. In the factory where he works, his responsibilities increase as the holiday season approaches. After one more night working overtime, Elias and the workers decide to go out and have some beer. That is when new encounters and desires open up to his horizons.

Sunday May 27 / 10.45am / Liberty Carnival Cinemas
Feature Film
96min / 2016 / Thailand / Thai
Dir: Palatpol Mingpornpichit

13. Fathers

Phoon and Yuke are in a relationship for 13 years. They have adopted a son, Butr, who has been abandoned in an orphanage, but due to the lack of legislation for same-gender wedding, Phoon appears as his only father, on paper. The family is very happy, but the fathers have not explained their situation to their son, a decision that creates many problems when Butr is old enough to attend elementary school. And if that was not enough, Rattiya, a social worker of the Children’s Rights Protection Organization gets involved, questioning the idea of Butr growing up in a family without a feminine presence, and even tracks down his actual mother, who wishes to be a part of his life now.

Sunday May 27 / 9.30pm / Liberty Carnival Cinemas
Closing Feature Film
102 min / 2018 / India / Hindi
Dir: Sridhar Rangayan

14. Evening Shadows

While gay rights and marriage equality has been embraced by most countries, a small town in Southern India lives within a cocoon of traditions and social morality. In such a milieu when a young gay man Kartik, comes out to his mother Vasudha, her entire world comes crashing down. She has no one to turn to dispel her fears and doubts, to understand her loving son’s truth.

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