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STORM-DRENCHED MINDS (Cerveaux Mouillés d’Orages)
75mins / 2016 / France / French with EST
Director: Lhémon Karine


It’s the story of Hélène and Laurence, two handicapped women who are newly married. It is a story about being marginalized, about autonomy, a search for freedom and its shining message. Rejecting pathos, the film shows lives and their imperfections as forms of resistance in a world mainly adapted to and fit for able-bodied persons.

IN LOVE AS IN LIVE (Canto Alla Vita)
60 min / 2016 / Belgium / French with EST
Director: Turi Finocchiaro


Raymond and Raymond love each other. When one of them, already HIV positive for the past 27 years, gets cancer, their struggle becomes a joint one. Expressing their love to their friends, they try to shape a new life, full of the unknown. Their journey sweeps us along on an amazing sentimental odyssey.

52mins /2016 / Spain / Catalan, Spanish with EST
Director: Roser Oliver


In this moving film, we explore the transitioning through first-hand stories told by four young people who have taken this step. Their moving statements shed light on how these boys and girls felt, both before and after making the transition, and the difficult process that parents often go through in accepting that change.

But the trans reality, especially in the adult world, reaches much further. Not everyone identifies specifically with either the masculine or feminine gender. That’s the case for Noa, Àlex and Daniel, three members of Joves Trans de Barcelona (Barcelona Trans Youths) who don’t consider themselves either male or female and contest the idea of the binary genre distinction.

No Dress Code Required (Etiqueta No Rigurosa)
92mins / 2016 / Mexico / Spanish with EST
Director: Cristina Herrera Bórquez


A documentary about Victor and Fernando two stylists from Mexicali. They are the go-to professionals for the city’s socialites. To their customers, they were a lovely couple until they decided to legally marry. Losing the support of people and friends and confronting a backlash of criticism, through their fight they woke up members of Mexicali’s society to fight homophobia and inequality.

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