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4 films compete for Best Narrative Feature Award at KASHISH 2016

Dir: Joseph Graham / 2015 / 92 min / USA
On a single night, four diverse men comb the streets looking for connection. All are confronted with the reality that love must be accepted on love’s terms. And as the sun rises at the end of this night, love will be recognized, vulnerability embraced, and boys return home as men.

Dir: Gerald McCullouch / 2015 / 89 min / USA
Colin McCormack thinks he has it all – a great job, a steady stream of hot younger guys, and a best friend whose devotion he takes for granted. But when a charming and mercurial intern sweeps him off his feet, Colin sees a chance for something more: A family of his own. What he discovers instead is a shattering secret that may cost Colin everything — and everyone — he holds dear.

Dir: Josh Kim / 2015 / 80 min / Thailand, Indonesia, USA
After the loss of both parents, Oat faces an uncertain future when his older brother must submit to Thailand’s annual military draft lottery. Unable to convince his brother to do whatever he can to change his fate, Oat takes matters into his own hands resulting in unexpected consequences.

Dir: Fabiano de Souza / 2015 / 108 min / Brazil
They’re complete opposites. Adri has an Art degree, but lives in that post-graduation limbo. Mona is a chill architect with plans and money to spare. A great passion is born, with the city in the background and the wind blowing the days away. Nine months, nine staircases and nine seasons of love.

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