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Dir: Scott Sheppard / 2015 / 86 min / USA
In 2013, Rev. Frank Schaefer was put on trial in the United Methodist Church for officiating his son’s same-sex wedding. The Schaefer family was drawn into a movement for LGBTQ equality in the nation’s second largest protestant denomination.

Dir: Marlies Demeulandre / 2015 / 55 min / France
Nine queer people working at three companies share the stories of their lives at work, stories that until now had rarely been heard and often been kept silent. Aged from twenty to eighty, high level executive or office worker, they form a panel of great social, cultural and psychological diversity. In a humane and positive way, this documentary deals with being different and feeling judged.

Dir: Jean-Baptiste Erreca / 2015 / 68 min / France
Pansy! is a documentary film about the fight against discrimination ; through Paul Harfleet’s artistic project, this movie promotes respect and tolerance. For 10 years, the artist has been travelling the world, meeting people and planting pansies at the site of homophobia. A single pansy to arise consciousness, to encourage reflection, to provoke discussion in the public place. A poetic plant for a symbolic commemorative gesture.

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